I love the Lord, because he hath heard my voice and my supplications. Because he hath inclined his ear unto me, therefore will I call upon him as long as I live Ps 116:1

Through the suggestion of my sister, I have added a page for prayers you may want to leave on the blog throughout our adoption journey. Someday I know the writings on this blog will be such a wonderful thing for our family, and our new little one to look back on and read -as a memorial of  the great and mighty things our God has done!

We read your comments, and find such encouragement in the love you have poured out upon our family already.

I was thinking that our little family here in the U.S. adopting a baby from China is really a very tiny thing in a BIG picture….but loved what we read on an adoption t-shirt recently…”How do you reach 147 million orphans?……ONE at a time.”  So we do what we can, and know that God will do the rest.  We know there are real, big things going on in the world…much bigger than we’ve ever felt or experienced, or know in our comfortable lives here in America.  So we take each step by faith, praying God will use our family to show His love to one orphan across the globe, and to a lost and dying world as well.

We ask that as you pray for our family, you would also pray for the Christians in China.  As we learn more about China, our hearts have also been burdened to pray for the people there, who much like here in the U.S. are being sucked into, and distracted by a god named “materialism.”  We pray that the underground churches that have sparked revival over the past decades will continue to burn brightly, and that we here in the U.S. would value the Word of God, just as the persecuted Chinese Christians have valued it above their own comforts in this life.

Again, we feel honored that you would pray on our behalf, and on the behalf of our baby waiting in China for us.  We know God will keep each prayer before His throne and will work our behalf, and yours as we each  “press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:14  We thank God for you, and each word of encouragement you have spoken to us.  We keep your words close to our hearts & are thankful for each prayer.

“I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, Always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy, For your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now; Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.” Phil. 1:3-6


11 thoughts on “Prayers

  1. Father God,
    I pray that You continue to lead this adoption process as each day brings us a little closer to Your perfect plan. Thank You for the strength and diligence You have given John and Cindy to complete all of the requirements. Father, I ask for joy overflowing for each one in this family that they may set their eyes on the goal, and press forward at Your leading. Prevent discouragement or fear from creeping in at any point. Let them glorify You in all they do and say that all may see Your love and peace in them each day. Thank You Lord for blessing us with this beautiful family in our lives, and may You bless them abundantly for their obedience!
    In our wonderful Savior’s Name, Jesus the Christ, we pray. Amen.

    1. I read your prayer and my eyes filled with tears this morning.
      You really know this heart of mine that has dreamed/carried this desire for so long….and you’ve witnessed the miracle of it being birthed into each heart around me as well. I thank God He hears our every prayer, and His timing is always perfect.
      With each passing day I gain new understanding of His infinate love and complete care for every detail of our lives. I think that’s why He said “even the hairs of your head are numbered.” He really meant it….that there isn’t one detail of His children, that He doesn’t take notice of. I have reminded myself over and over when it comes to paperwork, and wanting things to go smoothly, quickly..”to be anxious for nothing….but in everything by prayer and supplication, let my requessts be made known unto God” Why? Because He cares…He loves more than I could ever imagine and really will make “all things work together for those that love Him and are called according to His purpose.” What an honor to be His child, and be loved so much….beyond measure.
      I was beginning to feel a little fear and discouragement this past week when a few minor set backs came…but God keeps urging me to press on… keep putting one foot in front of the other in faith….even when the mountain-top feelings aren’t always there to back it up…we keep moving forward.
      We have been so very blessed….and cannot explain this amazing priveledge of sharing our Father’s heart and having so many that are along with us sharing His heart, and sharing ours. We love you!

      1. As always, I am humbled by His love and kindness to meet each and every need before we can even think to ask Him. He is amazing! I love you, sister!

  2. Good morning Lord,
    I am so thankful to be in Your presence this morning, and for the privilege of knowing You. I take the awesomeness of You for granted so many times in a day. Forgive me, Lord for my flesh and weakness. Continue to change me Lord. Thank You for my sister and the beautiful blessing that she is in my life. She is a priceless treasure who calls me to come up higher and grow closer to You each day. Thank You Lord for teaching her and her family through this adoption process, and for staying Your mighty hand all the way. Please Father, continue to intervene and bless this process. Bring their new little one home as quickly as possible Lord, for we all are longing to be with her! Protect her and keep her safe during this absence, Father, and pass all of our love and prayers for her right into her little heart so she may know how much she is loved. Thank You for this beautiful gift, and for giving my sister the desires of her heart. We pray that Your divine presence remain on each and every step of the remaining process, and we pray that You work miracles. To God be the glory for the great things He has done! Thank You Jesus for allowing us to carry Your love to all the earth. May we please You, O King.

  3. I thought about you all day yesterday, Blessing Baby! I am so excited to meet you and give you lots of hugs and kisses! I pray that God keeps you safe and cuddles you in His arms until we can do the same. You have a wonderful family waiting for you….who already loves you so much. Father, keep our little one safe until she is with us. Continue to give peace and strength to Cindy, John, Ryan and Jenna as they wait and prepare for their sweet baby to join them. Thank You Lord, for allowing them this blessing. You are so good. Fill our little girl with joy and peace and let her know how much she is loved right now. We love You, Lord. In the Name of Jesus, we pray. Our best Friend and Savior. Amen.

  4. Good morning Blessing Baby! I am thinking of you today! I pray that Jesus holds you safely in His arms and that you are filled with peace and joy in your heart. You have a family that is longing for you, and someday very soon, you will meet us and we will surround you with so much love! I pray that your needs are met while we are apart, and that you are filled with His hope. We love you so much!

  5. Ok Lord, still waiting and trusting You for our girl! Please continue to lift up John, Cynthia, Ryan, and Jenna’s hearts as they wait this out…gotta be hard at times. We know You are good, and You are faithful. Please keep our loved little one safe while she is apart from us. We thank You for preparing the way, and for all that You bless us with. Especially our dreams that come true. Give her love, Lord. Hold her close…and keep her safe.
    We love you, Blessing!

  6. Father God, thank You for Your love, beauty and peace You bring to our lives as we walk with You. You make life bearable and joyous even through pain. This year has been long, and has been filled with sorrow and mourning. Here, at the end of it, You brought Elyana home to be loved and changed forever. You have blessed us with this gift, and we glorify You alone. Gird John and Cynthia with strength and wisdom as they grow closer with this new little one. Heal Elyana’s heart Lord, of pains and sorrows from times past, and create in her Your peace. Bless Ryan and Jenna as they face different changes each day, and fill them with joy and peace. Anoint their home with Your Spirit, and guide them in each direction they must take as a family. Continue to speak to their hearts, convict, comfort, direct, in order to complete in them Your perfect work. May their love for You continue to grow abundantly to overflowing that more and more may be touched for Your glory. I pray that any future Sparks children will be protected and prepared for their journey home, just as You have done for Elyana. Thank You for this miracle. Thank You for You protection during their travels, and for bringing them home safely. Thank You for the blessing that they are to those around them. Thank You for Your divine hand on our lives, and for caring for us enough to provide life through Jesus. Please perform Your will in 2014 in each of us. Let us obey and serve You faithfully that we may shine Your light and love to those that need You. Thank You for changing us into Your love. We love You and praise You, our Savior and closest Friend. In Jesus Name.

    1. What a Holy Spirit -filled prayer!! I am so touched & amazed and blessed by all our loving Savior has done. He has helped us through the tears, and is now giving us joy in return for mourning.
      I thank you for praying for us……we need -daily- to keep our eyes fixed upon HIM. And if we keep our eyes fixed upon Him….we will give Him all the glory…and this is why we live & have breath.
      I pray also for you dear sis, as you step out into a new season. That God would drench you in His Spirit as you seek Him & obey.
      I cannot imagine this journey we call life…without your helping hand to hold.
      We’ve been so blessed to have your love all they way.
      I love you sis 🙂

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