Adoption #1 Timeline to Elyana

For you we waited, for you we prayed.
“For you we waited, for you we prayed.”

Curious about the timing and details of our 1st adoption journey to China?

This whole process was much like a pathway and cannot be fully summed up in timeline.  God laid down each brick, and we stepped forward in faith.  Looking back we see a winding path.  If you want to start and read our posts from the very beginning…grab a cup of coffee and tissues.  His grace met us every step of the way.


10-3-12 We began our journey (or planted our seed of faith – as God continually reminds us) by filling out our initial application on the America World Adoption website. (paid application fee) We put our request to adopt from China on our app, but kept our hearts open to wherever God would lead.

10-7-12 Our first email from America World Adoption telling us it would be approximately 10 business days before we would hear if our application was processed.

10-7 through 10-18-12 We prayed during this time about God’s specific leading on country even though we all felt led towards China. John and I did a lot of research, prayed more, and just couldn’t shake the feeling-leading of the Holy Spirit to go with China. It had a special pull on all of our hearts.

10-19-12 Received another email today, after my impatient inquiry 🙂 We were sent information on the China Waiting Children Program.

10-24-12 Was wooohooo day! We learned of our acceptance into the China Waiting Program! (for China Special Needs Children)
We were sent 25 pages of initial agreements and thankfully John printed all of it out had it organized, we signed it and emailed it back immediately for processing! I think at first I was overwhelmed so it helped to have him get the ball rolling!

10-25-12  Happy B-day John & our very first Initial Program fee & signed all agreements.

10-30-12 I emailed to see if our agreements and fee had been processed, but because of Hurricane Sandy the power was out in the America World Head Office, and processing was delayed.

11-1-12 Found out our agreements processed! Ready to officially begin the paper trail!

11-2-12 We were assigned a Family Coordinator – Aimee (who has been an incredible help at answering questions. She is quick to respond to my emails & always has a cherry, helpful attitude! It’s been such a blessing!)
We received all the guidelines today for completing our dossier & home study. We were also given more paperwork to fill out to proceed.

Oct-Nov. John and I have been requesting documents such as birth certificates and marriage certificates required for our dossier. We’ve begun filling out forms to get Ryan and Jenna’s passports, and have requested reference letters to be written on our behalf from 3 individuals for our dossier and 4 for our home study. Thank you to all who are helping!!! We truly appreciate the time it takes to do this for us!
After we receive each document it must be notarized for our dossier.

11-7-12 Made our home study payment, and sent receipt to our social worker so we can begin our Home Study process.

11-11-12 – We enrolled in the minimal Dossier Assistance Program & paid DAP fee. (this means America World will help hire couriers to hand carry our documents into the necessary Chinese Consulates for official Chinese Consulate certification. (after we have had them notarized, county, & state certified)

We are making Dr. appointments to get our medical statements filled out & have found a notary to help us make every document official! THANK YOU Kelly – what a blessing you have been!!!

11-26-12 We met with our home study social worker. She was so nice. Therese prayed, shared scriptures with us and gave us a good idea of the work we can begin diving into. We now have almost 90% of all home study paperwork finished and will meet 3 more times with her.

12-6-12 John and I completed our 14 hrs of Hague training online and our 2 first documents (our birth certificates) are being sent for their official Chinese stamp – at the Chinese consulate. Once they are stamped they are ready for our dossier! It’s exciting because they are our first official documents!

12-9-12 We are currently working on finishing our documents for our Home Study, while simultaneously gathering documents for our dossier, and completing some of the DVD training and reading our social worker has given.

12-13-12 This week we:
Got our dog Cabby’s Pet vaccinations up to date. (required by social worker)
Had required TB test done for our whole family.When it was done I think the kids actually thought it was cool! We go back Friday for the nurse at our family Dr. to look at results & fill out our official form.
Received employment verification letters & had them notarized. (used for both our dossier and home study)
Fingerprints/ background check done at Owens.
Had our home fire inspection completed.

12-20-12 We have been watching Trust Based Parenting (DVD) by Karyn B. Purvis and finish our required reading “The Connected Child” -also by Karyn. B. Purvis. She’s great and it’s excellent preparation so far! We are learning so much and feel empowered through learning and being made aware. It’s amazing how God created our mind, bodies and brains to respond to care – and sad to read of what happens when proper care isn’t given. We pray God prepares us and enables us for the specific child he will place in our family.

12-23-12 John and I turned in our 3-4 page autobiography of our lives. This was the final and last document needed to complete our Home Study.

12-28-12 We had our second meeting with Therese where she discussed our motives to adopt and why we chose China. She also met and interviewed Ryan and Jenna. They both were excited to finally get to do their part for our adoption.

12-30-12 We are currently working on filling out the China Waiting Child application. We have to have this finished and ready at the end of our home study. When our Home Study is submitted by our social worker, then our WC app. will also be submitted. At this point we will be ready to receive a referral (picture & medical description of a Child). It’s getting close & we are sure excited. We realize there could be ALOT of waiting, but it will be exciting to officially be in the system for a referral.

12-31-12 Our whole family had our passport pics taken. John & I have our passports already but needed passport pics for our Waiting Child Application. Ryan & Jenna will be getting their first passports!

1-3-12 Had our 3rd Home study meeting with our social worker. We discussed our life stories & had our home safety inspection. Therese will have our home study finalized within the next few weeks for America World to review.

1-7-13 Emailed all of our dossier documents to our family coordinator Aimee for her to look over and give the ok to have them county certified.

1-8-13 – found out there were a few minor corrections needed on some of our paperwork, but nothing big- thankfully! Every one of our reference letters needed something changed, so they were re-printed, signed, and notarized again.

1-9-13 – John met me and the kids at the Title office to have Ryan & Jenna’s passports done. We both had to be present, and all raise our right hands to say all information was correct. Kids thought that was peculiar. 🙂 I forgot one of the birth certificates, so will have to go back tomorrow to get everything processed & finalized.

1-11-13 – Took the rest of our documents to Kelly that needed notorized, then went across the street to clerk of courts to have all documents for our dossier (that have been notarized) county certified. After this I went to get everything finished up for the kids passports. They will be excited to receive them in the mail!

1-14-13 – emailed all our county certified documents to Aimee for approval. I was never so excited to receive an email from her! She said all looked good & we could proceed with having them State certified! woohoo!

1-17-13 – John took all our documents to Secretary of State office in Columbus, OH to be state certified for our dossier.

1-22-13 – Aimee (our family coordinator) caught a mistake on one of our documents for our dossier before I mailed them all to her. We have to have two documents re-done- then re-notarized, re-county certified, then re-state certified.

1-26-13 – John and I completed our last 3hr adoption training required for our Home study. We had to drive to Wooster, Oh to take the Cultural Issues in Placement class.

1-28-13 – had our 2 documents that needed corrected…notarized and county certified

1-31-13 – John made the trip back to Columbus, OH to have our last two documents certified.

2-1-13Home Study finalized.

2-7-13 – our USCIS (U.S. immigration paperwork) was received and will be processed. (should take 1.5-2months)

2-8-13 – Our Waiting Child Application was approved! Had a 50min conference call with Aimee (our AW family coordinator) to discuss referral/matching process.

2-28-13 – got our appointment notice from the USCIS to be FBI fingerprinted & have our pics taken.

3-11-13 – our FBI fingerprinting/pics taken.

3-15-13Got our official I-797 Form in the mail (document we needed to complete our dossier!) A notarized copy goes to China & original will have to be in our hands when we bring our daughter into the U.S.

3-21-13 – Sent AW our last 2 documents (our Home study and I-797 form) that need Chinese Consulate certification.

4-5-13DTC! We got the long awaited email that our dossier was mailed to China today!

4-8-13 – Our dossier arrived in China!

5-6-13 – We received our LID (log in date – for our dossier) This is the VERY last step needed before being completely ready to wait for a referral.

7-19-13We are matched!!!!   A DAY WE WILL NEVER FORGET!!!  Recieved our referral phone call with details about our sweet girl!!!!!

8-26-13PA (Pre-Approval) and RA (Referral Acceptance) from the CCCWA both in one week!

8-27-13 – Mailed our I-800 and DS230

9-7-13 – Sent a Care Package to Elyana! 🙂

Waited…….and Waited some more…….

10-9-13  – All this time we were waiting on our paperwork to go through and to get our TA….but found out about a delay :/ due to a change at the Consulate, effective October 7th, all families who submitted paperwork for the
DS230 would  need to complete the DS260 instead

10-11-13 – Completed the DS260.  I made one small mistake and had to resubmit it ;/ & Due to Chinese Holiday and Columbus Day it wasn’t able to be corrected and resubmitted until Oct. 15th)

10-15-13–  Re-submitted the DS260.  Then, we waited to hear some sort of news on our next required document—-our Article 5 (the consular officer will send the convention country’s Central Authority notification or Article 5 letter that states you are suitable adoptive parents and the child is able to enter and live in the United States)


10-18-13 – We heard from our travel coordinator that…..Since we had to switch over to the DS260, our Article 5 won’t be ready until October 31st. This means we will likely receive our TA mid-November (2-4 weeks from October 31st).  After giving us the bad news, we were told  “the good news is that we have been seeing TAs come really fast these days, so hopefully yours will as well!”

10-19-13  -Today marks 3 months since seeing Elyana’s sweet face for the first time….we continue to hold fast to God’s promises, trust Him for His perfect timing, and wait to hear any news about our Article 5, then TA!

11-1-13 – We woke up to find our Article 5 had been issued.  Our very next step will be the phone call with our TA (travel approval)!

11-14-13 – Received precious updated pictures of Elyana with her little pink walker. What a blessing to receive these!

11-25-13 – TA (Travel Approval) Day!!

11-26-13 – Happy 2nd Birthday Elyana & Travel Dates confirmed.

12-11-13 – Leave Detroit, MI – On our way to Beijing!

12-12-13 – Made it to Beijing after a 13 1/2 hr. flight.

12-15-13 – Flew in country China from Beijing to Xian – GOTCHA DAY!!

12-16-13 – It’s Official – finalized adoption with Chinese govt.

12-20-13 – Arrived in Guangzhou (to finish all US consulate paperwork and medical exam)

12-21-13 – Elyana’s Medical Exam

12-24-13 – Christmas Eve in Guangzhou & U.S. Consulate apt.

12-25-13 – Merry Christmas in China!

12-27-13 – Arrive back in Detroit, MI after 29hrs of travel! There’s no place like HOME! Elyana is an official U.S. citizen!

1-10-14 – 1st Medical exam in U.S. at International Adoption Clinic at Columbus Children’s

Since being home, Elyana has come alive! Her eyes sparkle and her heart is secure and at rest.  Every struggle, every challenge and broken tear…was work in progress.  Our brave daughter has taught and blessed us to the brim each day with the love God has gifted us through her adoption! It’s really HIS heart He has shared with us through the deep black eyes of our Baoji blessing.


4 thoughts on “Adoption #1 Timeline to Elyana

  1. It is so exciting to see the hands of God at work in the lives of your family. We will be waiting anxiously to meet your new angel… What a precious gift she will be to our family. Thank you Cindy for sharing your journey with us.

    1. Thank you for being here & sharing in this journey with our family. We know our little girl will be surrounded and excepted into not just our family…but all of your hearts as well. This is precious to us & we thank God we are part of a family that shares His heart & will love her as He already loves her.
      We love you.

  2. I stumbled across your blog while searching for adoptive families who are in China over Christmas. That will most likely be our time to travel, as well. This timeline, plus your blog about spending Christmas in China was such a blessing to me! Thank you for sharing your experience!

    1. I’m so glad you found our blog! How exciting that you are traveling soon. So are we!!! We are projected to travel again in late Nov, early to mid Dec again this year to meet our two little guys waiting for us in Shaanxi and Guizhou Provinces. I’d love to hear where you are headed and what agency you are adopting through! May God’s richest blessings cover you and your family as you prepare to go.

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