China Waiting Children Program

Waiting Children Programs

Over the years, it has been a joy and privilege for America World Adoption to help find families for children considered hard to place, through our Waiting Children programs. Waiting children are orphans who have been identified as ready and available to be placed in loving homes due to an assortment of reasons. These reasons might include the fact that they are considered an older child, or are that they are diagnosed with a medical or developmental condition.

In China, there are waiting children between the ages of 6 months and thirteen years old, hundreds of whom have their paperwork ready and they are currently waiting for their forever families. There are boys and girls who are healthy older children or children of all ages who have a medical or special need. Commonly seen special needs include: cleft lip/ palate, heart defect, hand or foot deformity, spine conditions, Hepatitis B positive, and hearing or vision impairments. Families can receive referrals immediately upon entering the program and in some cases can adopt two unrelated children with one adoption process.

*all information taken from China Waiting Children – America World Adoption Association

One thought on “China Waiting Children Program

  1. These videos moved me to tears. My heart is full of excitement more than ever to experience this in our family! I can’t wait to see who God has picked out to be my niece! What joy this little one will bring! I am confident that none of us will ever be the same!

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