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For many years, since I was a young girl, my spirit has been pressed and burning with a desire to adopt. Every time I would see a colorful family it would make me smile.
I prayed about adoption. Would cry. Then pray some more. I couldn’t understand how something could burn within me with such a fervor, and would not be quenched. In the past 12 years that John and I have been married we’ve talked from time to time about adoption, and he’s always known my heart in the matter, but just never felt that same stirring.
So many years passed, and the desire never dwindled in me…only grew stronger. I continued to pray, and focused on what I felt God needed to teach me.
God had His own perfect timing and I believe He knew we had to draw nearer to Him -to seek HIM with whole hearts first because this wasn’t something we could ever do without His Holy Spirit strength & leading. We realize if we try anything of ourselves, we will fail – and fail miserably.
God had to first reveal and pour into us more of Himself – all His fruits of the Spirit- for the only way we can ever truly love, is after Christ’s love heals us, and is pouring in and through us.
A few years ago I knelt and told God I was laying my gift of adoption upon the altar. I told him I wouldn’t press or push the idea, that if it was his perfect plan he would prepare our family, soften Johns heart to the idea & He would speak it specifically to him.
After what has felt like long years of carrying a burning inside to be His hands and feet, waiting, having my heart stirred over every story of adoption, crying tears at every adoption video, …..it’s now our turn! I can hardly believe it. I’m crying again. It’s really our family’s turn to experience this amazing privilege & blessing called adoption!
I stood frozen in our kitchen the day I heard my husband ask our two children ages 10 and 8 what that they thought about expanding our family through adoption. This was “miracle day.” Years of planting seeds in prayer had sprouted on that October 3, 2012.
Our children talked and asked questions, and I cried tears of joy. The desire and dream God had placed in my heart was being fulfilled. My husband who once had no desire to adopt was sitting there telling us “what are we building? are we building for this life, for our retirement? …we should be building something eternal.”
I am in awe of our great God.
Adoption is our Fathers heart, it’s His way, and when we get to share that special part of his heart I believe we get to hear His heart beat all the more strongly. We have obtained adoption, so why wouldn’t we give or help give what we have been given?
”For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father. The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God.” Romans 8:14-16
We are not sure the exact steps God will lead us on from here, but He has ALWAYS been found faithful and we are confident in Him. There are MANY unknowns for us, and so many decisions and papers to continue filling out, but God knows the unknowns. We can rest in that.
Thank you for all the support, love and excitement we have already received from our friends and family. We pray your hearts are blessed as you walk along with us on this journey.

*We love you baby, and are trusting God He will send someone to hold, care for, and love you, until we are able. I know you are there waiting for us already & I feel such an urgency to get to you….kiss you, hug you, and be the love of our precious Jesus to you. I hope when you feel our embrace you feel your heavenly Father’s touch. I know already you have been predestined for great things. Your Daddy and I are working hard to get everything ready so we can get to you. Your brother and sister are praying for you every day and gathering change in an adoption jar so we can make the long flight to you someday soon. We want you to know today that you are loved so much!!! We read an ancient Chinese proverb the other day and thought of you….it goes like this….
“An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.”
Our invisible red chord is stretching all the way to China and I feel the sweet Holy Spirit connecting our hearts together already.

***Since first writing this….Elyana is now home (Gotcha Day 12-15-13) and we are just now beginning the adoption journey #2 to go back to China! We wait expectantly upon HIM!!

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  1. So sorry but I was attempting to donate to redthreadlove.com and I was redirected to redthreadoflove.com. very similar ministries and I wish you many blessings …… I will need to redirect the donation to intended ministry.

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