Day 3…..Gotcha Day!

It’s been 2 years since we received our very special early Christmas gift….Elyana Leigh YiXuan Sparks.

What a year that was….what a day that was…when God poured such a great love into all our hearts through one very sweet girl. I know so many say how kind we are for adopting….but if only they could feel how blessed we are. How truly amazing it feels to be given such eternal gifts. We are the ones who have been blessed beyond measure by these precious little ones. When I read back on this post and watch the video our sister made for us… I’m reminded once again to trust the work God promises He will do. Even when circumstances look bleak, and Satan tries to steal our joy and hope…. if we seek and trust our loving Father, He will guide our every footstep.
If you’ve met Elyana you know what a joy she is to be around. Her heart has had to heal in so many ways, but each day God met us with the grace to help her heal. She would wake up screaming and punching, would throw huge fits and yell for her nannies that cared for her. She had no idea what was happening to her. But she had been redeemed, loved and we weren’t giving up on her. Isn’t that like our loving Dad in heaven? He has never given up on me…even in my most ugly moments….when I was deep in sin. He loved me, chose me, and in His longsuffering love waited as I learned about Him and to reflect Him more. Somedays I feel I have yet a ways to go…but it’s His grace that meets me each morning. “His mercy is new every morning, great is His faithfulness”

Elyana has grown in so many ways realizing now she was waited for, ached for, and loved. She watches her video that her Aunt Nana made and smiles asking “Did you really go so far to find me?” and we answer all her questions in tender love…”Oh yes…so far….and we ached for you beautiful girl!” How we ached. I have to think we felt something of what God feels for us when He is waiting for us to come to Him. We are chosen. His beloved. His little ones.

Today we celebrate (just a few days late) Elyana’s Gotcha Day. Truthfully in my lack of sleep and foggy state I forgot. But I’m giving myself some lee-way this year. And as John said, Elyana knows every day how loved she is. Not just on the day we met her. She is secure in our love and learning how to deal with 2 very active older brothers right now. With more sleep, she is handling life more easily (we all are today..finally).
She loves easily and gives her smiles freely…..she always has. I have to think this little girl will change the world in very big ways. She already has ours. I just know someday she will give back to the lonely and orphaned what she was given. And I pray always knows her value in Jesus.
I also can’t help but think about her birth mom in seasons like this, and wonder if she aches for a little one she gave up. I pray for her as I look at Elyana, just wondering how beautiful she must be. I can’t imagine living without this treasure of a girl who we are privileged to love, and feel sorrow for the loss of her birth parents who never knew such JOY in this sweet one. Someday I pray we meet them in heaven…so I ask for their souls to find redemption also. In celebration of all we’ve gained, there is always a remembering of what Elyana lost and what every orphan loses when abandoned. But….thankfully we serve a VERY merciful Father who takes the ashes of what we’ve endured and turns them into beauty.
Today we celebrate that beauty and a God who led us all the way.

​ “Let the Little Children Come To Me” ~Jesus

Red Thread of Love


We hopped on a (very smooth) flight to Xian where we would meet Elyana!! She was transported with the nannies on a 3hr drive to meet us!


Driving on our way to the government building where we would meet her.



Elyana with her Nanny.  I can tell she loved Elyana….she got tears in her eyes when she said goodbye.


At first Elyana was ok, but then the Nanny asked to hold her again….then when I took her back she began to cry. (which we thought wasn’t all bad.  shows us that she was attached to her care givers)


We have 3 children now!!! Feeling so very, very blessed.


She LOVED her sunglasses….kept trying to put them back on.


We are now a family of 5! God is soooooo amazing!


It was really cold in the building, so until we could get to the store…we stayed covered up with her blanket!


So, so…

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