Victory Shout for Day 3 Spit TEST!

This scripture was texted to me by a good friend as I woke up today…

Shouts of joy and victory resound in the tents of the righteous: “The LORD’s right hand has done mighty things! Ps. 118:15

John had taken Wesley to the medical center for day 3 of his spit test.  I forwarded him the scripture and he texted back that “He did amazing, no tears. Knew exactly what to do, on our way back.”

We knew right away this morning…that God had promised a day of JOY!

At 2:30 this afternoon I heard in my spirit that there would be a victory shout in the camp!!!  So we prayed, read, waited….then the phone rang for the 3rd time.  With the news….and the victory shout went up before the LORD!!! Wesley tested NEGATIVE for TB for the 3rd and final time!!! 

Every statement of faith and prayer was heard, and God performed the word he had given us  to stand still, worship, and behold His salvation.  He defeated the enemy once again on our behalf.

Wesley tested NEGATIVE for day 3!!!  And we get to go HOME!!!  Oh how sweetly those words ring.

A victory shout resounds from our hearts today so loud it cannot even be expressed with words!! It’s a mighty sound that expresses the joy and release crying out from our souls! It’s the final word spoken over a very long journey to release 2 orphans from bondage.


In the beginning as we set out on this path we could’ve never imagined the attacks we would endure or the mighty release from bondages in our own lives.  God wanted us free, so that we could free our sons.  God has woven a tapestry of strings that often looked so messy, but now as His masterpiece is revealed we see a bright new tapestry before our eyes….of His beauty, love and majesty.


We have learned our God’s love cannot be held or contained, unless we stifle it.  We have learned that fear can choke out the command to “GO” if we allow it.  We have learned that in our imperfections and frailty, God strength is more evidently seen.  We have learned that God chooses the weak things of the world to confound the wise!!!

His ways are perfect.

As tears stream down my cheeks I see flashes of every moment that has brought us to this moment.  I also see moments in the future where we again will be tested….BUT NOW we know….beyond the shadow of ANY doubt who fights our EVERY battle.

There were things that happened here in this country we never expected and really didn’t even have the right words to put each moment on our blog.  We had a Chinese man stalk us and wipe snot on our son, dealt with sickness, fear, temptations, anxiety….arrows shot at our very weakest points….  But what we witnessed was EVEN GREATER!!!

The louder the enemy growled….the louder your words of faith, your songs, your pictures with scripture, and your prayers became. Our GOD IS LOUDER AND MORE MIGHTY and HIS LIGHT CONQUERS DARKNESS! Each prayer of faith reached the ears of our Father and He used them in the midst of battle to quench EVERY firey dart.

I could see in the spirit your shields held up in protection around us.  As we were doing here what God had asked us to do, you were doing there what He had asked of you.  To love in His name.  To reach His hands out to 2 boys who needed Him desperately.  You were loving in His name.  We are humbled and amazed by all that has been done for our family.

Today we rest and rejoice in our Father, while looking forward to the next steps that will take us back home.  We would ask you would continue to cover us as plans are made for our journey home.

Our God is not a God that wavers.  When He speaks He performs it.  You all trusted His word with us and now…

Redemption is sealed. Victory won.

Then they returned, every man of Judah and Jerusalem, and Jehoshaphat in the forefront of them, to go again to Jerusalem with joy; for the Lord had made them to rejoice over their enemies.

And they came to Jerusalem with psalteries and harps and trumpets unto the house of the Lord.

 And the fear of God was on all the kingdoms of those countries, when they had heard that the Lord fought against the enemies of Israel.   So the realm of Jehoshaphat was quiet: for his God gave him rest round about. 2 Chron 20

The nuts and bolts of what is going on now in order for us to leave…

Yesterday John called the Consulate, regarding applying for Wesley’s visa,  to see how he could speed things up so that we would be ready to travel once we had our 3rd day of a negative TB report. They asked him to come right then for fingerprinting.  He got a cab and had a meeting with one of the directors of international adoption for the US.  John said she was extremely nice and said if he could get the medical report Friday morning she would treat the visa for Wesley as a medical emergency and have in printed in 1 hour!

So….right now the medical center is preparing the report and we will pick it up on our way to Consulate. The Consulate is like what you see on the movies…huge lines and crowds of Chinese people trying to get in, but with a US passport in hand we get to go straight to the citizen line and right to the front of every line.  We had a guide tell us it’s very hard to get a visa to get out of China unless you can prove you have a good job, money and will return to China.

As soon as our adoption agency is open for the day, they will be making our flight and travel arrangements.  We are hoping to leave on Saturday!! Home sweet home, never sounded so SWEET!!

We know some of you have been working very hard on our home that was under construction as we left.  When I even think of walking through the door after the amount of work and love was poured into it….I get all choked up.  It’s sortof like my heart just can’t even contain all the goodness pouring out over our family right now.  After everything God has done…there’s still more…and that just astounds us!!!  We know some of you sacrificed time away from your families and energy was spent upon blessing us.  For that, we can never repay…only tell you that we pray God blesses you abundantly and one hundred fold what you have given.  Our hearts are full to the brim and overflowing right now.  We can’t wait to hug you and thank you in person for standing with us.  Those of you that we’ll never meet, or cannot physically hug…we embrace you by spirit and thank you from all our hearts.

What a celebration of the birth of Jesus it will be this year!

From China…we send our love….and look forward to setting foot on American soil soon.  Please pray for the orphans left behind and the darkness we witnessed here.  The work isn’t finished here and God is looking for hearts willing to carry His burdens here and in all places.  God’s love truly has no boundaries.

4 thoughts on “Victory Shout for Day 3 Spit TEST!

  1. Sweet sister, what a journey this has been. The miles between, the agonizing minute to minute at times, all the while trusting that our God would come through as He’s always done. We’ve walked this path with our Lord together, and we have seen so many mighty things by His Hand. These days…this journey to China we shall not forget. His faithfulness, love, mercy and power have been evident every step of the way. In each crook of the path, He is there…holding us all. His love is overwhelming. No matter the depth of darkness and despair, His love is deeper and stronger. My heart weeps this morning in awe and gratitude for all that He is! Even as I write, the words seem so inadequate in compare with what He is pouring into my soul.
    You are coming home. You are ALL coming home!!!! I love you and can hardly wait to wrap my arms around all of you and love on you. May our God bless the rest of this journey, and may we see each other very very soon! ♡

    1. After reading your blog message and I am left speechless again….at all God prepared you and I for. At all He has revealed…He has loved us so much. You are so dear, so precious a gift to me!!!!! Words never do justice to all we have felt, endured and have shared in the Spirit together. My heart is full and overflowing to the brim and pouring over just thinking of all you and your family have done. Please tell Eddie thank you….and the kids. We have missed you so much. I can finally let myself think about seeing you guys…..before now It would’ve just been torture!! But we will see you soon!!! Woohooo!!

    1. Martha…your message lifted my heart today. Just knowing others we don’t even know were praying…just astounds us once again at the wonderful God we serve….who joins his children who have never met…by His sweet Spirit. Thank you for praying!!

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