Spit Test Day 2 – Another Negative Report!

As we stood still and steadfast once again today in awe and worship of our God, He performed the word He had promised us. That He would fight this battle for us.

 The doctor called our guide a whole hour early to tell us the results were NEGATIVE for TB again!  One more day of waiting upon the LORD, and we will have the medical report that we will need to give to the U.S. Consulate here in Guangzhou so that Wesley is allowed to leave China and GO HOME!!!! We’ve never been so happy about a negative report.



There is a whole lot of JOY washing over us as we rejoice once again!

It’s been so amazing to feel you all rally around our family during this time.  We understand you are each fighting your own battles and prayers, yet you have taken the time to encourage and love us from afar. Can we just tell you…this has made all the difference! Your statements of faith aligning with truth have helped us to keep our eyes fixed and steadfast.  And while all of this has been going on God has been doing so much more healing in our boys and in all of us.

There are so many things I would love to be able to allow you to see first hand, but I’m going to try and share just a few things that prove what a MIGHTY HEALING, LOVING FATHER we serve.

Families and individuals have retreated away from these boys multiple times and now I’m in awe that God spoke 8 months ago to John to “not allow fear to keep them here” and to “feed His sheep.”

Look at the transformation already happening before our eyes…

Our little Wesley AiJun Sparks. After 2 and 1/2 weeks…

And Hudson QingJin Sparks.  After only 1 and 1/2 weeks…

The boys that were both labled developmentally delayed are astounding us by what is unfolding in front of us daily….

They are smart, kind, loving and “all boy!”

Wesley has learned to trust us so much.  At first he wanted me to hold him most of the time, and soothe him when he was hurt.  But this morning left for the medical appointment with John..with no worries, tears or second thoughts.

Both boys are beginning to understand we are their family and we see so much joy bubbling up and over inside their little hearts.


Our guide Helen sat and asked Hudson questions for us a few days ago.  She asked him about his birth mother and father…he said he didn’t know anything and said while pointing to us “This is my Mama, and this is my Baba.”  She also asked him if he knew he was going to go on an airplane and go to America to live with us and he said “yes, I know that I’ve already been on one airplane.”

Hudson is beginning to come alive….it’s like the scripture our friend Tonya shared about the dry bones coming to life.  He even looks different to us.  He draws pictures of a house (which they do not even have here) our family, and drew a map from our hotel to home.  Today he asked me to draw our home and family, then labled himself with a Chinese character for himself.

Anytime we get excited about another good report or John takes one of the kids to go somewhere Hudson begins running around the hotel packing the things most valuable….toys..check…cords to keep electronics alive..check…coffee packets….check.

We finally busted out the translator app to try once again to try and communicate that we are not leaving yet, but ended up making them laugh by saying silly things in Chinese that made the boys crack up.

We also tell them they are good boys, we are happy they are in our family…and they will be with us forever.  They just laugh or smile in response.

The last few days we have been able to get out and play.  The 4th floor of our hotel is an outdoor play area with a waterfall. It’s perfect.

We have all loved getting out, yet being able to be alone and able bond as a family.  It has also given us the opportunity to watch and address bad habits and learned behaviors right away.

We are witnessing some AMAZING progress.  They have already learned to say I’m sorry (and know what it means) and are saying “please” instead of just grabbing food off our plates.  They are unlearning old habits and learning new ones to replace them.  Each boy is VERY protective over his food, but will share with anyone that gets near them. They are so kind and thoughtful.

We have been cooped up today in the hotel room while it poured down rain, and can you believe it…we survived and are still smiling and enjoying each other.  God has been so gracious and giving us exactly what we need daily.  Even the rain was a blessing and has helped us to bond more closely. We’ve drawn pictures, watched episodes of Peppa and Monster trucks, played play dough, blown up balloon animals, had a few time outs, and are now finishing the day with a big dance party!!! The laughter we are hearing is music to all our souls.

God truly had reason for allowing this delay in our travel and we trust Him FULLY…even in the most scary of times.  He is not only answering our prayers and defeating the enemy…but He is completely spoiling him like the scriptures He gave us 2 Chron 20.  We’ve pressed through some hard moments that will leave us forever changed and bonded more closely than we could’ve ever prayed for.

10 thoughts on “Spit Test Day 2 – Another Negative Report!

  1. I could hardly wait for my phone to turn on this morning!!!! I knew their would be good news and I couldn’t wait to read about it! Praise God! Continued prayer until you step foot on American soil. What Joy though for these past 2 results… One more!

    1. John and I cannot even thank you in words for caring, praying & rejoicing with us!!
      We appreciate being covered along the whole way….God must have big plans for these little, for I don’t believe I’ve ever felt so much heat and resistance!
      Thank you for standing with us for day 3, and all the way home. What a,blessing you have been! We will never forget.

  2. Woo hoo for negatives!!! Just gonna go ahead and claim that Hudson and Kya are brother and sister, or at least long distance cousins thrice removed. They really do look a lot alike. One more day of negatives and then that airplane ride home. Hudson’s picture made the trip look a lot shorter, boy wouldn’t that be nice 🙂

    1. I know Tracy!!! John and I have said he reminds us of her so much. Sherry said he looks like “mountain poeple” ….whatever that means! We told our guide in Guiyang that and he looked confused….maybe something was lost in translation..lol.
      We are so ready for that phone call in a few hours!! And I am totally asking if we can go the Hudson route home!!

  3. Praising God for another great report! Thanks for sharing your faith journey! Praying you right on home and into those Christmas pj’s!!!!

    1. Thanks for being here with us Bridgett!
      I can’t wait to be watching your journey unfold here!! I think you are going to be in the same group as the Pilatos!! You both will make one amazing travel group!! I’m a little jealous I can’t hang out with you all….but I’m not sticking around here. Lol.
      God has great things in store for you all!!

  4. I love this praise report !! I have rejoiced today !! I love the pictures and absolutely love the videos !!! Thank you for letting us all be apart of your journey . I love you so much and miss you all 💕❤️💕❤️💕 Can’t wait to see pics of you all home together

    1. We love you so much Aunt Chris!!!
      I already know these boys are gonna love coming to visit and play at your house when we are able….they are so full of life. Thank you for praying for them all along! God answered every one!!

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