Spit Test Victory…Day 1

Here in China we witnessed God’s victory in a mighty way. We stood steadfast with many of you who were holding up shields of faith in prayer for Wesley and our family…..

Ye shall not need to fight in this battle: set yourselves, stand ye still, and see the salvation of the Lord with you, O Judah and Jerusalem: fear not, nor be dismayed; tomorrow go out against them: for the Lord will be with you.

And when they began to sing and to praise, the Lord set ambushments against the children of Ammon, Moab, and mount Seir, which were come against Judah; and they were smitten.

We waited, and waited today….and finally the doctor called our guide with the news so many of you had already professed in faith and believed with us would come…

Wesley tested NEGATIVE for TB today!!


And from here…

2 more days of worshiping while we wait steadfast as God fights our battle yet again.  And while we wait God is working more junk out of our hearts and healing our boys and our family in new ways.  God is using all of this for His greater purpose.  In His mercy He will use and do whatever it takes to get our attention, and I believe that’s what He is doing with all of us here.


We are a more close-knit family than ever tonight, and more aware somehow of the junk that was surfacing in us as we were cramped in a hotel room and missing all things “normal.”  The things that seemed important aren’t nearly as important or frustrating when you think of being separated for a possible 6 months.  Yes, the woman at the consulate this morning had said it’s more like 6 months of treatment for TB before being able to leave China.  But even after that loud blow, we stood steadfast this morning and kept the vision God had given me of our boys running around in their Christmas pajamas I had bought for them.

God follows through.  And we are reminded yet again that He doesn’t bring us to a place and leave us.“He is faithful to complete the work He has begun in us.”  He brings us through the hard places where the enemy crouches in the bushes ready to attack. “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:” 2 Peter 5:8   It’s amidst the battle we have found God building our muscles and stretching us to new strengths. Often we crumble first when things get hard, but it seems it’s most often the best place possible for it produces a great big ammount of humility.  It’s a place where there is nothing in our pockets to fix the situation and we are fully and only relying on God’s strength to fight the enemy.  In this place we learn to trust, and also partake of the joy in the victory promised to us as his beloved.  It’s a rest amidst the battle.  Right in the heat of the fight.

So tomorrow, when little Wesley heads off to the medical center again….we will stand steadfast praying he will be able to spit for the test and for Day 2 of a negative result!

Thank you, everyone again…for standing around us with your shields of faith held high.  We really cannot fully express how much this has meant to our family.

I will update you all on some good stuff happening in our littlest guys hearts soon too.  But we are off to bed so we can get up early for his appointment.  Have a blessed and amazing day full of Him.

We love you all!





2 thoughts on “Spit Test Victory…Day 1

  1. Big wahoo for spits!!! Keep em coming Wesley. In a strange way, even this can help build trust in Wesley as he gets to see that after each dr apt, he gets to go back to you guys. Those are hard times for the mommies and daddies, but God is at work there too. I remember Kya always clinging a little harder to me when the nurses would deliver her back to me. And even though leaving her for procedures wrenched my heart, I so looked forward to the moment they would bting her back and she would just cling to me, the same woman that she formerly use to bite, scratch and not trust or love. I often thanked those nurses for helping to let me be the one to “rescue” Kya as they knew they were pushing Kya to trust me and want me as her mom a little more after each visit 🙂

    1. Isn’t that amazing?!! I am thankful for all God is doing in Wesley’s heart. He trusted John today to go to the medical apt and his heart seems more and more settled with us as the days go by.
      Thank you for ALL you encouragement and love. It feels as if you are here with me!!

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