Day 1 in Guangzhou


Yesterday we said goodbye to our guide, Jerry.  We were thankful to have such a kind guide helping our family through such a crazy week.  Hopefully he will warn the next family about the crazy monkeys in Guiyang!

As we prepared to leave, I shared with him how scary this Gotcha Day had been compared to the other experiences, but that we are no longer afraid and love is already healing the hearts of our little guys.   God has placed His heart burden for him upon my own….to pray one day he is the one shining God’s perfect love in the province where there is so much darkness.  Jerry was so honest about the troubles here, and told us of how even today babies are killed or drowned in the river.  I know he sees the injustice and evil, so I am asking God to also reveal the cause of it, and the Remedy.  John and I will try and keep in contact with him, so that we can share with him the transformation in Hudson.

Look already what God is doing….

Before leaving the hotel, I showed Hudson one of the flashcards we had brought. It was a picture of an airplane.  He excitedly began talking and I figured out he was asking if “Baba” – Daddy was going. John had gone downstairs to ask for a luggage cart, so I named each of us and told him we were all going on the airplane.  His smiles and pure joy lit up our day!! These are the first photos (above) where he has ever tried to make silly faces when we take pictures.  His little heart is coming to life!!

We are all so happy to be on our way.  One step closer to home.

This would be Hudson’s first airplane ride and the first time he would leave his birthplace.  All he knew.  His birth mother and birth father.  This is where his story began, but oh what an ending God has planned!

It was a moment filled with emotion for John and I.  We are mourning along with him for all he lost in this place, while rejoicing in all he gained here.

Our flight was a little over an hour from Guiyang to Guangzhou.  It was another uneventful flight for Jenna! We had a few bumps with turbulence and attitudes from our little Wesley.  He is very sweet but has equal parts of stubborn and isn’t afraid to throw a fit if he isn’t understood or if we don’t give in.  We just ride it out and have learned not to care what everyone else is thinking around us.  He is slowly realizing that his Mama can be just as stubborn as he.  We definitely compromise and redirect often, but when that doesn’t work we stay calm and ride the wave.

We arrived at our hotel after dark in enough time for baths and dinner. It felt so good to know we are at our last stop before home.

Today (Dec. 5th) the boys had their medical check ups and blood drawn to make sure they do not test positive for TB.  They also had their photos taken for their visas.

Wesley is frightened of anything that could possibly take him from us, so he cried when they placed him on the stool for his picture.  They tried frantic Chinese instructions, but being held by Mama and pretending to pose with me won the victory photo for his visa!   Hudson just seems to go with the flow.  We believe he is beginning to think this thing called “family” is pretty cool.

Parents are not allowed in when they do the blood draw, so when they took Wesley he screamed bloody murder! But when they brought him back he was quiet and his tears were already drying. Hudson acted like it was no big thing and passed all his other tests with flying colors (we get both boys’ test results on Monday).  Helen (our guide) was there with us and said he did very well.  We are thankful it went better than we thought, and that this step is behind both our boys!!


Guangzhou is typically warm like Florida, but it’s cool today with rain.  So we are stuck inside the hotel room again (bonding) and playing with play-dough.  Hudson surprised us by making some amazing dough dumplings!! So, this has me thinking we may have a chef for our Chinese New Year  celebration.


Since we are stuck in our hotel room and everyone is a bit stir crazy…I thought I would involve the whole family in sharing a few things about our boys or China that I may have forgotten to share thus far!

  • Hudson is extremely ticklish and will actually flip out and start crying if tickled for too long.  We believe that a lack of touch for so long has given him a few sensory issues.  We’ve seen a huge improvement already in this area.
  • Both boys are protective over their food.  If Wesley drops even one cheerio he wants it replaced immediately.  If this doesn’t happen he starts to whine and the first few days he would actually melt into tears.  He is already doing much better with this, but we are understanding of both of our boys with food issues, since they were both malnourished and faced hunger at some point in their lives.
  • Wesley and Hudson love coffee!! They are actually quite obsessed with it and say “cofeeee!”No, we don’t allow them to drink it but you will often find them sneaking sips of Johns!  Before leaving the hotel room Hudson grabbed every coffee packet and sugar packet he could find and shoved them in his bag. The boys like to have everything tucked into their book bags.  It makes them feel secure.  We have some hoarding issues.  But these are all things that haven’t surprised us.
  • Neither boys respond to their American names very often.  If we need to quickly get their attention we say Chu Ai Jun or Jiang Ching Jin.  We are trying to begin using their American names in conjuction with their Chinese to get them used to hearing it.  They will look up when we say them, though they don’t yet understand.
  • Hudson and Wesley have a hard time in very busy environments and will run around like wild little guys if we don’t keep a hold of their hands.  It looks quite chaotic at times, so if you see us at the grocery store back in the states and I look frazzled…just pray. lol. They are learning boundaries and will slowly learn what is expected of them.
  • Hudson can be very loud.  Yes, the boy who came barely whispering, has quite the volume level.  We are trying to teach him etiquette, but are not placing unrealistic expectations on them. Along with the volume levels, there are a few other basic etiquette issues lacking, but will come with time.
  • Their favorite foods are fruit, fried rice, meat on the bone, noodles, soups, vegetables… and REALLY like gum.
  • Hudson likes: Thomas the train, chasing Ryan through the hotel room, can cut an apple, draws very well, and enjoys doing most of the ornery things little boys like to do.
  • Wesley likes: to be held (A LOT), to joke around about passing gas -or whatever he is calling it in Chinese, will tease all the time, gets almost giddy when he sees a buffet, and loves taking photos with his tablet.


Things are getting pretty wild in our hotel room, so I’ll close for now with saying these are the moments that have us all very ready to be home!  Thank you for following our journey and for every prayer you have prayed on our behalf.  The countdown has begun here.  4 more full days in Guangzhou until travel day!

Have a wonderful day!


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