Goodbye Guiyang

There are only a few more hours in our hotel room with a view of the city of Guiyang.  Our flight leaves at 4pm and will take us to Guangzhou where  the boys will have their medical appointment  and we will also have our consulate appointment on Dec 8th.  Then fly home on Dec 10th.

A lot has happened in this place.  Some of the biggest battles have taken place here and God has revealed himself in a very big way as Jehovah Rapha, our God that healeth.  


The healing is only just beginning but I have seen a little boy who wouldn’t allow us to get near him, now drawing near to us more often and laughing as he plays. Both boys have cried and allowed us to comfort them, and are realizing as each day passes that we are going to feed them, clothe them, bathe them, set boundaries, and discipline in love not hurt.  It will take many days of consistency and settling into our home and routine for love to penetrate more deeply an assurance that our family is a permanent thing.  That they needn’t fear another huge change or abandonment.  That just as our God faithfully loves us, they will be loved.  Forever.

We had a few rough spots in our day today,  but we worked through each one.  I can’t say each bad attitude or melt down with our children is handled in perfection but thankfully God does not require perfection in order for Him to use us. John and I are learning a lot though.  And with each new day mercy and grace is poured out afresh.  Just as sleep restores our body His Spirit restores us as we rest before Him. 

I think the days we try and pack outtings in, our boys have a harder time.  We all do.  Simple, restful days are our most peaceful ones. They handle short outings best.  Today’s adventure stretched us all a bit…mainly because of the stinkin monkeys!! After this tourist stop, I doubt any of us will think very fondly of them….

Here we are at Mountain Park.



The Chinese lady below counted the children we have adopted and was giving us two thumbs up.  These are the people who bring me to tears.  We’ve met quite a few of them this trip.  She was so sweet and showed us the traditional dancing they do with horse hair.

I love the dancing they all do in sync.  Elyana and I stopped to watch for a little and the boys laughed at me in the hotel in the evening when I was kidding around trying to do one my own  versions of their beautiful dancing.  Wesley was cracking up.  So I don’t think I nailed it real well.

Now…. about the stinkin monkeys…

I don’t want to place blame on our guide, but he is younger and didn’t do a real great job of warning us about the dangers of these crazy mountain monkeys.  They parked the tourist van right beside the primate pictured above.  We hopped out and almost immediately Elyana reached her hand towards the stinkin monkey and it screeched, slashing Elyana in the hand with it’s claws.  Elyana flipped, cried and our guide starts telling us about going to the hospital to get some shot for rabies.  My heart was pounding and I began praying over her, and asking God to keep me out of fear!! John washed it and we put antibiotic cream on it.  We decided against the rabies shot, and consulted my sister (nurse) who researched online.  They do carry a virus that can be transmitted by fingernails, so we are still watching her, but she seems great!! I’m staying out of fear and certainly not buying a monkey souvenir this trip!! Elyana was so scared but said I am not afraid of them, I just don’t like them!! What a brave girl.

We kept walking up the mountain to a Buddist temple. Not my first pick of a destination, but it opens your eyes to why the culture and people are in such a dark place when they put their trust in these statues…that cannot breath or answer even one prayer they repeat.  Even when they pay them…they cannot give back.

I told our guide that being in this place made me feel so sad.  Sad, that everyone is trying to earn their way and told him I could not live that way. He said “really?” like he couldn’t understand why.  He talked to us about reading through the New Testament and shared that while you can learn good things from it, he does not believe.  He said “most of us do not believe in anything.” Please pray our last contact with him today will shine God’s love, and that one day he will find “the Way the Truth, and the Life” and that one day he will re-read the scriptures with the help of the Holy Spirit revealing the great and boundless love of Christ Jesus!!

This whole experience made me thankful that I do not have to burn incense, pay money to gods, or earn my way.  It made me rejoice in the fact I have been redeemed by a loving Father that sacrificed His son to die for me when I was drenched in sin, and allowed me to come just as I am to partake in a full “sonship.” I’m thankful that is in nothing I could ever do, that I have a place at His table.  I can show up with an empty cup each day and He fills it.  I hope one day the people here will find this Hope.  Pray for God’s light to shine here and all the dark places where the gospel is not yet understood.  There is so much work to be done but it seems the “laborers are few.”  And pray that when laborers come, they only share the gospel if they have had love revealed to them. It isn’t just the words we can muster up that changes people, it is the words and actions fueled by the Holy Spirit and His GREAT love!!

We ended our outing with a stop at the cultural museum of Guiyang.  We have learned about some very interesting minority people who lived here 500 years ago and still live in the surrounding mountains today.

The Buyi and Miao people have very large festivals that draw many tourist to the Guizhou province to visit. Before the 1980’s they did not have any tourists visiting Guiyang.  Most of the museum had historical items from the minorities but the masks were from the Hun people and the “Ground Opera” our guide called it.  He said in times of peace they would perform plays and fight moves with masks attached to their foreheads.  The Hun poeple make up the majority of the people here in Guiyang.

The minority people, unlike the other Chinese people, have in the past preferred having a girl so that they could grow up and wear this traditional dress made of silver.

meio people

I’ll close with something beautiful.  The best ending to our day here we could ask for.  Our new sons hearing and singing about the love Jesus has for them.  We found a video in Mandarin and English and they would listen and sing along to both.


I cannot imagine these boys growing up without this hope.  I’m so thankful he chose them and gave them as gifts to us to raise for a short time here on earth.  Please pray this love floods day by day and that one day they accept and have this love revealed to them in a personal relationship with Him.  I’m also praying that they will be used in a very powerful way and in the future share the same gospel they have received.

Jesus loves me, this I know….


7 thoughts on “Goodbye Guiyang

  1. Praise God Hallaleuha!! To hear their voices singing about Jesus …. That’s why you were chosen. !!! Praying Eylana , 💋💋💋😘 from her Aunt Chris
    I love you all and can’t wait until you get home together .

    1. It was the best sound I had heard our whole trip!! Every time I put the videos on they are glued to it. I’m on thankful & believe Jesus is already touching their hearts with His love!!
      I will pass your kisses on. We love you & I miss you so much. Just hearing your voice today was s needed for me. I am still tearing up thinking about it. I miss you so much and dreamed about Uncle Mitchell here….he looked younger and strong….full of life.
      I miss him so much and know he would’ve loved all these kids.
      Thank you for loving us always.

  2. Oh my goodness…the tears! Thanks so much for the video Cynthia! Keep em coming! Miss you all so much…cant wait to wrap our arms around all of you!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    And I will chime with Tracy, Death to the monkeys!!!!

    1. I have a few to share with you. Love you so much & we can’t wait either! What a sweet home-coming it will be!!

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