Goodnight and Goodbye Xian

I can’t really even describe the emotions hitting us as we prepare to leave Xian. My stomach is doing flip flops because I know we will meet our son Hudson and also say goodbye to the place which keeps a piece of our hearts here.

IMG_0643The Grand Noble Hotel in Xian.  It’s been a great hotel.  No smoke smell this time and they give you enough toilet paper! Whew! Last time we had to ask just about every day.  The Chinese don’t use a whole lot of any kind of paper.  At restaurants there usually are not napkins, and we carry a roll of toilet paper with us because most often public restrooms have none.

Jenna was very emotional last night and has told me she is coming back one day to Baoji.  We all leave here changed in so many ways.

We gained a daughter and son in this place,  and took on yet more of the heart burdens of our Father for the children still waiting in so many orphanages and for the nannies and orphanage workers in Baoji. I’ll never forget those babies all lined up, the children frantically grabbing for my tangerine or the faces of the older children looking on as we left. I wondered what they felt and thought.  No one had chosen them yet.

I pray God burns those images upon all our hearts and keeps his burdens aching in our hearts so that we stay soft, ready, and willing to help in any way possible.



Wesley is truly amazing in every way and makes us smile every day.  He loves tea by the way! We love Chinese tea and bought some in Beijing at a tea house (which was more like an infomercial)  But I got sucked in and bought some, and now I’m glad because every time I make some he comes and shares it with us.

Today he stole our hearts again when he kept carrying around Elyana’s bear and kissing it.  John saw this might cause an issue with Elyana and wanted him to have his own bear.  He was opening the door of our hotel room to go down by himself to the gift shop since Wesley usually doesn’t like to get too far from me.  This time when Wesley spotted John was leaving he wanted to go!! It was an amazing moment.  He had no idea where John was taking him, but he trusted.  What big progress in his little heart!! He turned around and said something to me that we just knew was “I’ll be right back.”  His heart is trusting more and more.

John said he picked up the panda bear in the gift shop and just kissed and hugged it.  He came back beaming and wouldn’t let go of it for a while.  He made a blanket for it out of a tissue, then placed it on his bed.  Then picked it back up hugged it more and took it to meet Elyana’s bear. When we went to dinner he wanted to take it and I said no since I didn’t want it to get dirty, so he tucked it in his bed until we would return.

Today we had our first day of nothing.  We sadly said goodbye to our huge travel group, packed, and washed some of our laundry.  It’s a Xian tradition…to do laundry.  It’s very expensive to have things washed so we do things the old fashioned way.  This was the first time we used chopsticks to do laundry though…IMG_0633


Our day ended with John taking us to a beautiful dinner, that we named our late Thanksgiving dinner.  We walked to our new favorite restaurant to dine in, instead of carry out which we had been doing.

The menu was beautiful and the prices were so affordable.  It’s so expensive to eat in the hotel, so finding this restaurant was a blessing.  I was so happy to just have vegetables! The cabbage was AMAZING.


Elyana looked at these photos and said “We are missing another boy, Hudson.”


When Wesley sees food he get’s so excited that is very hard for him to wait for the food to come.  I guess that’s the good and bad thing about buffet style.  He will learn though in time and through us consistently meeting his needs that he doesn’t need to fear hunger and we will always feed him.

John ordered flavor of delicious flower tea.  The waitress served each cup with a peppermint sugar cube then poured the tea over it.  We all (except Elyana) really enjoyed it! She tried many of the teas in Beijing, but decided it wasn’t for her.  It was very hot so Wesley used his spoon to slurp it. Jenna discovered the flowers inside the pot and Wesley thought he needed to put one in each of our cups.  He is so silly.

What a great way to end a very memorable time in Xian.  Not one of us will ever forget what God has performed in this place.  I hope that for the younger ones we can retell these moments in their ears so that they will keep them in their hearts as well.  And that someday they are telling their children about how our loving Father planted his burdens in our hearts that led us around the world and filled our cups to overflowing with his goodness.

Goodnight to you all! We are just getting up and ready to head to Guiyang!! I feel the Holy Spirit thick over us as we prepare to fly to Hudson’s province.

Thank you all for praying.  We feel it! We ask that you bombard heaven on Hudson’s behalf and cover us as well.  We would also appreciate it very much if you would please pray for our physical health.  I started to not feel well last night and Wesley woke up coughing some.  We know God’s hand is over us all and he will complete the work He has begun.

With love and thoughts of you all,