Day 2 – Beijing & Tomorrow

John and Ryan headed off this evening with the group to a restaurant that is known for serving excellent duck, while the girls and I crash in the hotel room and order room service.  We had a very full day of touring and the lack of sleep is catching up. I also absolutely needed time to process what is coming tomorrow.  To slow down and worship the One who has made this all possible. So while the girls and I try to pack and stay awake, I’m reflecting on what God has done!

Almost 2 years ago we were getting ready one early morning to make the flight to Xian, China to scoop one very sweet, brave, and confused little girl into our arms.  And now we stand on the Great Wall with our daughter who knows for sure where she belongs.


I feel amazed when I look at these photos.  They are a testament to what God does in each of our hearts.  His redeeming love frees us from all bondages, and sets our feet in places we would’ve never dreamed we would step foot.

It was such a beautiful day to visit the Great Wall.  It was cold, but no wind and a pretty snow covering.



Elyana loved playing in the snow and throwing snowballs with Ryan, Jenna, and her new little friend Kiera who is a part of our travel group.  We’ve met some really wonderful families!



Elyana asked me about a week ago if she could please do the O-H-I-O on the great wall, since we did this before we came to get her.  She is a loyal fan.


We were kept busy yesterday by touring the Great Wall and Olympic Park.

I just want to thank those of you again who are covering us in prayer while we are here.  Your prayers are working and we know God has already broken the chains and will cause us to be his bold and loving hands and feet.

Chu Ai Jun 4.13.15-4.17.15 photo 3

This is the last night Wesley AiJun will fall asleep in the orphanage. We are praying God will calm his heart…that the fear and rejection he has already faced will begin to heal as he encounters healing love.  Wesley has been redeemed and has received sonship! Wow! The same gift we each are invited to receive.  Full and complete rights to cry Abba Father.

There are so MANY, MANY questions flooding my heart tonight.  What will his reaction be….how much does he know…how will we communicate….how will he feel…how will we all feel.  But I must put all these questions to bed and rest in the fact that God is already there.  He has prepared every step of the way to get Wesley. HE WILL NOT FAIL us now.

One thought on “Day 2 – Beijing & Tomorrow

  1. Love the snowy pics, how beautiful. I can only imagine how full your hearts are right now. I pray for good sleep and travels the rest of this trip. Love you guys!

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