Sleepless in Beijing – Day 1

As our 1st full day in China comes to a close we can’t really describe the emotions flooding us. For weeks we were focus- driven on preparing our family for a 3wk, 1 day trip to China….now the prayers have been prayed over our home, us, and over our boys, bags packed, travel paperwork and arrangements set, a 13 hr flight made, and by God’s grace we have survived 24 hrs of straight of travel with little to no sleep after a LONG delay at the airport.

Our plane left Detroit on Wed Nov 18th, and we lost a day up in the air landing in Beijing on Thurs Nov 19th. (China is a day ahead of the U.S.) We didn’t arrive at our hotel until about 9:00pm and it was a sleepless night in Beijing for John, Elyana and I since Elyana was sure her nap was over and it was lunch time. Which it was… at home.

Our bodies have been out of whack and we’ve been going on very little sleep, but our adoption agency schedules a few days of busy touring to allow/force us to get acclamated. And today was much better. Jenna felt better and Elyana took a nap at regular time then fell asleep this evening at her usual time.

Today we toured the great wall, Olympic Park, a tea house, and ate lunch and dinner as a group. Our travel group is huge…13 families and it’s been great to get to know them a little.

The Great Wall was breathtaking in the snow, and there was barely any wind so the cold wasn’t as biting as last time. Elyana loved throwing snowballs and all the fresh air today has us worn out and hopefully ready for a full nights sleep.

From Thurs – Sat we stay in Beijing, then fly Sunday to Xian for our 1st “Gotcha Day” of the trip on Nov 22nd. So for there is only 1 full day left before we meet Wesley face to face!!!


The the following Sunday, Nov 29th, we arrive in Guiyang, Hudson’s city. We were told we should be able to meet his foster parents on Gotcha Day. So only a week and a day until we are a family of seven!

The final stop will be Guangzhou, for consulate and medical appointments, then we fly home Dec 10th.

Our boys are getting closer with each passing moment…so close I can almost feel them! My stomach does all kinds of flip flops knowing that in only one more full day we will meet Wesley. And that in only a week and 1 day we will see Hudson for the first time!!

We are so grateful for every one of you who have loved and supported us throughout this journey. We’ve truly been gifted you, and it’s your love and prayers we carry with us now in China.
We’ve had so much of Gods love poured out on us in so many ways by so many of you!! Each in a different and needed way.
It will be your words of faith, truth and encouragement that will come to our minds and hearts when we need it most. His Word will not return void.

We would also like to say a great big thank you to our construction company, Performance Construction. They have done excellent work with integrity, and they truly care about our family and our adoptions. While we are a world away completing the adoption paperwork and gathering our boys, they will be working hard to finish the construction on our home addition so that the boys can be welcomed into a calm and predictable environment. I just know I’m going to bawl (again) like a baby when we walk through the door and see what we’ve been blessed with – above and beyond what we even asked or thought!

This adoption, our home project, and the work He has begun in our hearts was His idea…His plan…and it’s this comforting reminder we hold fast… “He is faithful to complete the work He has begun.”
We rest in that promise, and wait to behold His glory in and through it all!

Two boys are about to experience the redemptive love of a Father who never disappoints or fails us….and that has us so excited we can hardly stand it!!

“Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.” 1 Thes 5:24

~Cynthia Sparks

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