Candles & Wishes for Hudson Qing Jin

If you haven’t yet followed our journey.  We are in the process of adopting 2 boys from separate provinces in China.  This post was written in honor of one of those sons, as we celebrated his birthday for the last time without him Sunday.

We are currently in the last phase before our travel approval, waiting for our Article 5.  Once we receive our Article 5, our TA (travel approval) will be issued and our flights booked.  Our travel time is projected for late Nov. early Dec. 2015. 


Happy Birthday Hudson Qing Jin

8 years ago a small bundle was born and placed into the arms of a woman I’ll never know.   His dark eyes opened…..and I wonder….did he see a tender mother who gave him life, a father that adored his son?  Was this new world warm and soothing or cold and biting.  Was his little hand-held tenderly, or left untouched.  Was his face cradled and kissed, or stained with tears unwashed.  I have so many questions about this little baby who grew and was left on the street four days before his 6th birthday.

He is more than an 8 year old face to me.  He has now been gifted to me as my son, and I have to wonder what brokeness brought him to my arms.

I wonder, but must not worry.  I must allow myself to think, prepare and pray….while trusting that Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.”  In other words, God has called us to go and He will take care of all the unknowns. He will heal the broken places in our sons heart.  And I must determine to keep my heart resting before the feet of Jesus….in the place where I know beyond the any shadow of doubt that a God who sees all and never leaves even one life unnoticed, saw the little babe born 8 years ago who would become our son.

(the photo below was received by Hudson last week on his birthday)

family with Hudson

Sunday, on his birthday, we had a day of celebrating his life.  It was a hard day in some ways, and in others a joyful one as we kept our minds set on the fact that we will meet both of our sons SOON!!


We weren’t lacking in the sprinkles department. Jenna, Elyana, and Ryan all tell us often how ready they are to have their brothers home.


Hudson Qing Jin was born on October 18th, 2007.

 He is 8 years old and since he was 6 he hasn’t had a place to call his home. And we aren’t yet sure the condition of his life before he was found.  God knows though. And that is a comfort. God knows….. He was found in the city of Guiyang only a few short days before he would turn 6 years old.  He is currently living at the Guizhou Childdren’s Welfare Institute. (orphanage)  He lived with a foster family for a short time, but the pictures and updates didn’t reflect anything positive, so we don’t know what that experience was like for him.  His most recent updates since being in the orphanage were more positive.

Jiang Qing Jin 9.29.15 Photo 5

These were the first photos we have received of him doing anything fun.  He looked like he was enjoying himself and we were told he was building an aircraft.  John says maybe there will be another pilot in the family.  I wonder what he will think of traveling on an airplane with us.

We received a few more photos like these, measurements and some personal notes about him. We were overjoyed to receive our first thorough update on him other than his first referral information.

Jiang Qing Jin 9.29.15 Photo 4

We were elated to finally get sizes and purchase the very first clothing items for our boys.  Hudson is just barely into a size 6.  His height: 44.5″ Weight:  46 lbs, and we were told his feet are 7.1” long. Head: 19.7”Chest sz: 22.8”

Jiang Qing Jin 9.29.15 Photo 2 (2)

We were told great news about his motor development and his ability to use his hands despite a finger deformity on one hand.  We are told he is not a picky eater but doesn’t like spicy food. He uses chop sticks to eat and can pick up tiny things with his fingers.  He is in special education at the orphanage and gets along well with the other children.  It says he likes to play with other children.  He is active and outgoing and likes car toys, building blocks, and enjoys dancing and drawing.

Jiang Qing Jin 9.29.15 Photo 7

A few people have asked if he knows he has a family yet?  YES!! We sent a care package last week before his birthday with pictures of us holding his picture and some of us holding both is picture and Wesleys.  The photo below was one of the photos he received.  It has Chinese labels so that he can look at us and hopefully learn our faces before the day we meet.


We also sent photos of cousins, grandparents and of his new siblings.  We wrote him a letter that was translated into Chinese and sent with a few items and a cake.  We ordered all our items off of a trusted website called  It was much cheaper than buying items, then having them shipped and I’ve read that it is awkward for all the kids in the orphanage to see one spoiled.  So we sent simple, meaningful items, and a cake for him to share with his friends on his birthday.  We were told we will get photos of his birthday.

Below is our care package to Hudson.  An outfit, translated letter from us, thumb drive for the orphanage to put photos and information about him on, a Chinese silk photo album with photos of us, candy to share, and a panda.  His cake was ordered and sent also.

jiang qing jin

 We have no idea the emotions Hudson may be feeling or if his brother Wesley received his care package yet, but should receive another email soon.  I will be updating our blog more often as we get more information and quickly approach travel.


Hudson’s province is the green one above.  We hear Guizhou is one of the poorest provinces, and also one of the most beautiful.  We have read a few adoption blogs and read that we may get to see some very neat things while there.

It will just be wonderful to be together as a family.  All our hearts are aching right now to be there….and begin the adjustment and healing journey.

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This was the letter that was translated for Hudson and included in his care package.  We are praying his heart receives its message and that somewhere a ray of God’s beautiful light and love will begin to penetrate his heart even before we arrive.


Dear Jiang Qing Jin,

         We want you to know that even though you have not met us yet, we already love you very much. We have pictures of you and have been preparing for you to come home.

 We will be your family forever and take good care of you.  You will have 2 brothers and 2 sisters, and a Mom and Dad.   

Your big brother Ryan is 13 years old and looks forward to playing with you.  Your older sister Jenna is 11 years old and is so excited to meet you.  You will have a younger brother who will also be adopted from China. He is from Baoji and his name is Chu Ai Jun. He is 5 years old. Your little sister was born in China and adopted when she was 2 years old. Her name is Elyana, and she will be 4 years old soon. 

      It is very hard to wait until we will finally get to meet you.  The orphanage where you live sent us pictures of you and we think about you every day. 

Please know you will be safe with us and we will always take good care of you.   We have allot of love in our hearts for you already.   

We wish you a Happy 8th Birthday. 

Love Your Forever Family,

Mom, Dad, Ryan, Jenna, Ai Jun, and Elyana


In closing, I want to thank each one of you who have stood with us and have spoken life into our hearts as we step out into this uncharted territory. There are many times the enemy has tried to shoot darts of fear at our hearts….but  your words of life and truth are a treasure kept locked away.  And God brings those words to us in the time we need it most.  What a gift our sprit-filled brothers and sisters in Christ are to us!!! Your support to help us get to our boys, has meant more than you may ever know.  Our hearts our truly overwhelmed with goodness of God in and through you… are His hands and feet!! May He bless you a hundredfold!  When we speak with you….It’s His voice we hear speaking.  When you have given….it’s been His hands we’ve seen outstretched to us.  Our hearts cannot even contain the goodness we feel right now!!  “We thank our God always upon remembrance of you.”

*I will update about Wesley soon too.  Our littlest little guy.  What a joy these faces have brought to our hearts already.   To partake of God’s heart burdens is also to partake of His great JOY!!

With Thankful Hearts,

The Sparks Family

2 thoughts on “Candles & Wishes for Hudson Qing Jin

  1. Oh my! What a touching update! So thankful to hear more of your faith journey to get your boys! You must be so anxious to get loaded on that airplane to go get them! I will be praying for you all as you prepare to leave and be united as a family! What a special calling the Lord has given you and great faith to face it with all trust in His perfect plan! Looking forward to more pictures of your other son! Love, Bridgett

    1. Bridgett you have been there since we went to China the first time for Elyana! I thank you for the love & support you’ve shown our family. Your encouragement means so much!

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