Finally, A Glimpse of our Little Guys

It is an honor to finally have the approval to introduce our two AMAZING little boys waiting for us in China!!  Our RA approvals came Thursday and the official copies arrived via FedEx yesterday. This means China officially recognizes us as the parents to 2 wonderful boys, and that we can officially introduce them to you.


Our littlest guy in China is…

Wesley Ai Jun Sparks


5yrs old 

As I write this Wesley is asleep across the world.  Sometimes my heart aches so much just to touch his sweet face.   We don’t know his complete story, but know he has endured abandonment, malnutrition, medical issues, along with rejection far to great for one small boy.  But our hope rests in our God whose redemption and healing has been proven faithful over and over again.

  He has a simulated foster family within the orphanage, so we know he will miss his foster parents, friends, familiar food, smells and faces of all the Ayi’s (Aunties/Nannies) that care for him.  But, we know the part of him that will come alive with constant love and care.  We saw this with Elyana.  We watched as her empty eyes came alive after a long hard adjustment and struggle. Nights of screaming, thrashing and punching the air, and yells for “Ayi!” ….were finally replaced with peaceful nights and yells for Mom or Dad to come and meet her needs.  Elyana found healing and our same Father has promised healing for these boys, and we will hold to what we know as truth, not allowing even one inch of fear to creep in.

“The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon Him” Ps 145:18a

 As we read his file for the first time back in April we shed tears for his broken story.  We read about his abandonment at 5 1/2 months old,  then realized he was from Baoji and would’ve been there the day Elyana left to make the 3hr trip to us.

 Only God orchestrates such details…and we knew right away he was ours.

Chu Ai Jun 4.13.15-4.17.15 photo 3

Wesley has been taken to excellent doctors and Baoji is a clean, well-run facility.  But one thing is lacking in this little guys heart-a place he belongs. Really belongs forever.  Within a family…that will love him unconditionally.  God has brought us together, and we feel honored to share these gifts he has bestowed upon us.

Our older little guy

Hudson Qing Jin

Jiang Qing Jin Photo 2

7 years old (8 on Oct 18th)

Hudson is a handsome 7-year-old little boy from Guizhou China. His eyes pierced into my heart the moment I saw him.  We had already been in the process of accepting Wesley Ai Jun’s referral when an email came saying there were new files added to the waiting children list.  This is basically a place where children’s files are privately shared with adoptive families, to advocate for them.  Because Hudson is almost 8 years old and has a special need, it makes it harder to find a home for him.  But God knew where he belonged, and prepared and broke our hearts with the burdens of His heart for Hudson.   If you read my blog post back in May – then you already know the amazing way God prepared our hearts and spoke to John and I.

We stand in awe of how this little guy was gifted to us.

I kept a collaged photo of the two boys side by side on my phone for weeks…praying and literally mourning over him…  It’s so hard to explain how it feels when you feel the anguish of God for another human being.  As I waited for weeks for God to give an answer…  I asked God to send him a family if we weren’t to be his…but God answered no.  No, there wasn’t another family that could love him better than we could. And we rejoiced!!! I was to be their Mom….and John was to be Dad to 2 boys who might have never had a loving Father.  It’s a powerful thing.  For God can so clearly be seen in an earthly Father that carries a heavenly Father’s love!

  We stand grateful and amazed.

“He that is mighty hath done to me great things; and holy is his name. And his mercy is on them that fear him from generation to generation. He hath shewed strength with his arm” Luke 1:49

I can remember the afternoon we read that Qing Jin was orphaned only 4 days before he would turn 6 years old.  John and I were broken for him, while holding to the promise that God had led us to him and would equip us with His healing love.   It will be 2 years this Oct. 14th that he has been alone.  He lived in an orphanage for a while, and now a foster family outside the orphanage.  There are SO many things we have yet to learn about him.  His eyes hold a sadness that makes me cry each time I stand to stare at them in our kitchen.  But, there is a determination and fierce love growing in us for him that he has no clue yet about!  I can only imagine the sadness that has shaken his young heart, and honestly I have to shut down the imaginations and thoughts that keep me up at night.  John is always that practical, truthful voice saying…”don’t dwell there….we can’t. God knows, and we needn’t pretend to imagine the hard places, just pray God prepares us to love him out of brokeness.”

Jiang Qing Jin Photo 1

We are his family and his story and Wesleys are a part of us now.  We will be protecting their hearts by only sharing what we feel comfortable via our blog.

We wanted you to catch a glimpse of them, their precious faces, and the hard places they come from…so if you think of them you will pray….please pray.  Please stand in faith with us, believing God has promised to bring us up “out of bondage.”  Satan tries to destroy, but God will prevail.

It would take much to long to recount every answered prayer along this journey…but God has confirmed over and over again this is HIS plan.  These are HIS boys and we are blessed to share this life with them.


From diferent provinces (or states) they don’t yet know they are brothers. Wesley & Hudson.

Each boy has been given an American name along with their Chinese name.  We will allow them to choose which they would like to be called by.  God put their names upon my heart before we even knew we would be adopting them both.  They are named after men of God who gave everything for the cause of Christ.  Hudson Taylor was a doctor and one of the first missionaries to China, who sacrificed earthly comforts to help the people there to heal physically and spiritually.  God used this man of God to change the course of history…and this is my prayer for Hudson.  His healing will be used to heal others.

Welsey was named after a man of God, John Wesley, who thought for a long time he “had God”.  But after a lot of “trying” he realized the free gift given to Him by God. The gift of redemption…..not based on any good thing he could ever do or not do. This caused such a joy to ignite in his heart, and he began to help the people of his country find God’s healing grace.  We pray this for Wesley.  That one day he will find that he was not only chosen by a family who was full of God’s love…but that God chose Him and redeemed him.


John and I haven’t chosen to adopt 2 more beautiful children because we feel “able” in and of ourselves.  It’s quite the oppostie…I often wonder “how?” and God reminds me that it’s by His grace. And that His amazing love, might and power that will do the work. We are only his vessels through which that grace can flow.  Our story….is the story of His great love.

God is good at taking the weak things of this world and showcasing His amazing glory.  Their stories are just beginning.

We will be sending a care package to each boy’s province soon.  We’ll send small clothing items, a toy, photos of their family that loves them so much.  We will be sending some kind of food/candy item to them and also for their foster parents and nannies to say thank you.

 I can hardly wait until the day they begin to realize they are LOVED, and realize this may take some time to even understand what unconditional love looks like.  Please pray that fear doesn’t take hold of either heart.  Please pray for comfort as they let go of the only life they have ever known…and begin to grasp a new one.  Please pray God prepares our family for them…for humility, compassion, practical wisdom, and blessings over our travel to China.

We’ve been given the projected travel date of  anywhere from late November to early to mid December.  There is so much to do in preparations.  But God continues to prove HE is in control and we can rest there.

Thank you for rejoicing with us.  We treasure each of you who have loved and supported our family throughout this adoption.

10 thoughts on “Finally, A Glimpse of our Little Guys

  1. I am just crying !! To see their faces . I can not wait to hug and kiss them !! Auntie Chris is so excited to see my nephews !!!

    1. Thank you Aunt Chris for your love & support the whole way!!! I love you….they will love their Aunt Chris. (Or Auntie Christine) 😉

  2. Wow, what beautiful and handsome boys who are so meant to be! I can’t wait to read about them coming home to their family. Thanks for allowing random people like me to follow along! 🙂

  3. Congratulations! Such wonderful news! They are just perfect! Praying for their hearts and yours as you prepare for the road ahead of all of you. Can’t wait to read all about your journey to bring them home! Blessings to your precious family!

    1. You’ve been so supportive over these past few years and I’m so grateful God brought our paths to intersect! You were a blessing the first time around when we were headed to China for Elyana & your support now means so much.
      Please know I am praying for your family and your little one waiting. He will go before you & prepare the way!

  4. Struck by your “not allowing one inch of fear to creep in.” Perfect love casts out fear! He is sufficient for our every need! I needed to hear those words too! Love and prayers, Lois

    1. Amen!! One of my favorite scriptures & a lesson He continues to remind me of.
      Your payers are a treasure. Thank you for your support & friendship…it has meant so much!

    1. Me too!!! We just got more update pictures on both the boys…and my heart is aching to be with them.
      I agree it’s going to be so diferent….I know for sure there will never be a travel group like last time!! No jokes of jade bb rings! Lol. Love you lady. Some ties are so strong… go so deep…they’ll never be broken or company to any others. That’s what you all are to our family. Connections still tied strongly around our heart….and I know we’ll feel them pulling when we are finally there!

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