Dig Day & Dossier Delivery


So…this expression on Elyana’s face pretty much sums up how we are feeling on the insides today!  She was so excited she could barely stand it as the HUGE excavator arrived on a semi truck to dig the basement for our addition.

Excuse the corniness when I say… we are totally diggin dig day!!!!


What a day of thankfulness after many months of praying and trusting that if we were to expand our home God would most certainly make a way and do it.  It’s so much more than a physical project to us.  In fact as I type tears are streaming down my cheeks because it’s just crazy to see what God orchestrates and makes possible.  What He plans is better than we could ever imagine.


For the past few weeks I had envisioned these first scoops and how I would feel watching this new season physically come to pass, and now as I watch them dig I just wonder what our littlest boys will feel as we finally bring them to this place God has given us, and they get all settled in.


We had Mimi, PopPop and cousins Lucas and Hailey join in on the excitement! 


Elyana and PopPop watched the first scoops together. Her word was “Awesome!”


Lucas was sharing his equipment knowledge with Elyana.


Camping out around the work site…..they made a ton of progress today!


Tomorrow the excavating crew will finish digging the basement, then forms will go up so that our basement can be poured.  After that…framing (and lots of other details I have yet to learn)!

It’s all still sinking in! But pictures like these set reality in and once again give my heart an overwhelming gratitude for where God has brought us.


Along with the beginning of the expansion, we also found out that our Dossier has officially been received in Beijing, China! This means we now wait for our LID (Log In Date), then our RA (Referral Acceptance). It also means we have 2 hours more of training to complete and that I have more paperwork to prepare for the final forms we must submit to the Chinese govt.  All last steps before our TA (travel approval), then travel! But, just like with a construction project, there are so many details that take time…and trusting God for all that timing!



Our little guys will be home this fall and I just imagine them running around the new space, and filling our home with so many more blessings and joys. There will be many struggles, and allot of adjustments for them, and for us.  But God continues to remind me during this new season…that wherever we go….whatever new changes come to pass in our life…

He remains the same…

He abides faithful.

4 thoughts on “Dig Day & Dossier Delivery

    1. Thank you our Lord Jesus for all that you continue to do for John ,Cynthia and family ! Please continue to bless them and to protect the family . I ask that you be with all those that have a hand in the process of expanding their home . A home that is dedicated to honor you in all things .A home that is welcoming two more precious children . We thank you and ask all of this I your precious name Jesus !

      1. You have me in tears Aunt Chris reading your beautiful prayer….Thank you for always loving, praying & encouraging our hearts to keep doing what God has called us too. Thank you for speaking His promises over our family.
        Please don’t ever doubt God is using you….because you’ve been an amazing blessing to us all, and are a gift I thank God for always. I love you.

        “I thank my God always for you, making mention of you in my prayers”

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