DTC! Countdown To You!


Today July 31st, 2015 marks a very important day in our adoption journey to Hudson and Wesley!! We were officially notified today by our family coordinator Aimee that we are DTC!!  Our dossier (stack of paperwork we’ve compiled, some of you helped with and prayed over since early this year) was mailed via FedEx to China and is expected to arrive on Tuesday–the day we will also be breaking ground on our home addition…with God there are just no accidents in timing.

dossier 1

First…we want to thank each of you that put your fingerprints upon our adoption thus far.  A piece of your kindness and care will be mailed all the way to China! For your prayers, your giving, your questions, and love….for all of it…you have touched our hearts deeply and will help to change the lives of two amazing little guys.  We thank our adoption agency and family coordinator Aimee who’s emails always seem to make my heart lurch when received.

Now the Countdown begins….

 Tuesday (Aug 4th)  our dossier should arrive at the  CCCWA.  (China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption)

Log-In Date

Once the CCCWA receives our dossier, they will issue a LID (Log in Date).  It takes the CCCWA a few weeks to confirm the actual date with the adoption agencies. We should have our LID within 1-3 weeks.

Referral Process Timeline

The current wait time from LID to the RA being issued is  aprox. 6 weeks. RA (Referral Acceptance – China’s official govt. approval to come and adopt Hudson and Wesley.  WE WILL FINALLY HAVE THE GO-AHEAD TO SHARE PICTURES WITH YOU ALL at this point!! We can’t wait for you to see their sweet black eyes.  Each one is so precious, so unique.

RA to TA 

From our RA approval to our TA (travel approval) It should be 2-3months.

Based on these estimates we should be in China hopefully sometime between Oct-Dec.  The exact timing is up to God and we continue to pray and trust that He is orchestrating His perfect timing with our home addition and traveling to China to get our boys!  God has been faithful in and through all thus far and our confidence remains in Him.

Thank you all for rejoicing with us…even those of you who are waiting on these milestones in your own adoption journeys.  You are true friends, and we treasure you.

 In all this joy, the reality of so many, many things began to sink in a little more today.  The realization that we have 2 boys that God has handpicked for our family. The reality that as I type this they should still be asleep, and will wake in a few hours to an orphanage and foster family.  One will have a simulated family within an orphanage and attend a kindergarten class, the other will go to school and return home yet again to temporary walls.  The reality that each of these boys have such large hurts, have endured rejection, hunger, and trauma…make this heart of mine hurt….

..Yet hopeful…for we’ve witnessed first hand what love has done in Elyana’s little life and the lives of the others redeemed orphans. And it’s never too late for redemption. Elyana’s eyes were once empty, but are now filled with the love of a Father in heaven who never lost sight of her….and who holds our 2 boys in clear view.  He doesn’t miss a thing.   These boys of ours have no idea yet how much they are loved.  And that thread connecting our hearts to theirs is pulling in stronger force the closer we get to them.  The ache in the pit of my stomach grows more feirce and tears seem to flow with greater ease.

But we remember He holds them.  Holds us.  Holds every lonely child, widow, and desperate life.  He is the only hope we have for healing.  And because we have THE Answer, we can press on toward the mark, to the higher calling…knowing that one day we will stand before our loving, perfect Father.  And if we have chosen to follow Him in obedience we’ll find the sweetest welcome into an eternity waiting for us.  No more rejection, fear, sorrow, hunger, or pain.


So on this very important DTC day, we celebrate more than a paperwork milestone.  We rejoice over the fulfillment of a promise we were given, and recognize we are one step closer to our 2 boys realizing and finding they are most certainly loved and chosen.   And that perfect love given freely from our perfect Father will transform two orphan boys, and will change us in ways we can only imagine.  They have been redeemed and don’t even know it yet! And that’s something to celebrate!

2 thoughts on “DTC! Countdown To You!

    1. Thanks Tracy!! Our family sends you a great big hug! We will have to catch up via the phone soon. I miss you. Allot!

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