7 Months & Tears Of Joy

I’m sitting in the truck on our way home from Cleveland Rainbow Babies Pediatrics Orthopedics with tears of joy and relief.
We prayed (allot) and after speaking with our primary physician, decided on a second opinion for Elyana’s hip surgery. Cincinnati Children’s encouraged us to do so, since it’s such a big procedure. They wanted us to be absolutely certain this was a surgery we were ready for.

We are very thankful again for the Rickle family giving us information on Cincinnati Children’s & Cleveland.
Both have been used in helping us find & gather vital information for Elyana both neurologically & in orthopedics.

Elyana with Daddy in Cleveland today

After talking with Cincinnati a few times, we were still left a little foggy on details. Today at Cleveland Rainbow Babies the surgeon laid out details/the nitty gritty of all aspects of doing surgery now vs waiting. She drew diagrams & explained EVERY measurement, bone structure & possibility of what to expect with hip dislocation. She explained that with Spina B patients many feel no pain with hip dislocation and if we do run into problems we still have a window of time to operate up until she is 8 yrs old. She sat on a board for Sp B patients and discussed the arguments for/and against hip surgery. She explained fully the reality if the hip popping right back out again. She says it’s sickening as a surgeon to take a cast off & have the hip pop right out. Then you are left with scar tissue & a failed surgery.
So for now, the benefits of waiting far outweigh proceeding with surgery at this time.

John and I are taking our little one out for a celebration dinner tonight. She has no idea why we are celebrating, but our hearts rejoice in the time we’ve been given to continue to allow her to adjust & flourish. If we ever reach a bend in the road where we feel surgery would be in her very best interest, we will certainly proceed with determination & prayer.
But….for tonight we rest & thank God that she will be able to run around and enjoy her first birthday celebration with us in four months! Our sweet girl will be 3 already! So hard to believe.

We want to sincerely thank all of you who have prayed & given advice. We sooooo very much appreciate it, and tuck all these things away in our hearts. Thank you for your love and support!!!

Celebrating 7 months with our littlest sweetheart!


8 thoughts on “7 Months & Tears Of Joy

  1. I LOVE this great news! So excited for all of you! In a selfish way it is helpful to me as well…since our Emma seems to have ALL the same diagnosis as Elyana’s (split cord, hip issue, SpB etc) and I really wondered why our surgeon was so laid back about not doing surgery until she is at least five years old. This helps to understand some more and be more comfortable with it! 🙂 6 weeks in a body cast just doesn’t sound good for any of us at this point in time, does it??!! Thank God for this great news for your family! Thanks for sharing! Blessings on your sweet celebration at dinner!
    Love, Bridgett Morgan

    1. Bridgett, I don’t know why I never thought to ask you!!! Your response has also made us feel better! Just another confirmation that waiting isn’t hurting anything. I agree that a spica cast for 6wks when we’ve only been home for such a short time, would be less than ideal. We know if it would’ve been in her best interest at this time, we would’ve toughed it out….but we are thankful to have been gifted this precious time with her.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a response. Hope your sweet Emma is doing well. Sometime we will have to schedule a chat via the phone!
      Have a great weekend!

  2. What wonderful news, Cindy! I am rejoicing with you. I can’t even imagine the relief you must be experiencing.:) (((hugs)))

    1. Thank you! It is truly a relief. We are thankful for Gods wisdom & guidance.
      I hope you & your family have a great weekend ! 🙂

  3. Sigh of relief! I have no doubt you all could have handled a 2 year old in a cast and all that comes with that but am so glad you get to wait and enjoy more of this time with her. Love you all and miss you lots!! xo

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