With Jesus

We received a simple text a few minutes ago from Tracy. A picture of Kya being held by her Daddy along with the words. With Jesus.

Kya has found her complete healing in the arms of Jesus.


6 thoughts on “With Jesus

  1. Oh Dear Lord, I can almost hear the angels singing! Our Heavenly Father I ask that you comfort this family and give peace and rest.I am just so heartbroken……….

    1. Aunt Chris I just want to thank you for sharing Gods heart burdens for this family. I always find comfort in knowing you are praying. I love you.

  2. There are no words. I will continue to pray for Tracy and the rest who have loved Kya even those who never met her. Kya knew love and family and now she knows health in the arms of Jesus. So sorry, Cindy. Love to you and yours. ~Bridgett

  3. We, too, received that text. My own heart began to beat just as fast as Kya’s always did. I know she’s happy and whole in Heaven, meeting Jesus and my friends’ little sisters, Hannah and Lilly.
    And yet, two visits, hours of snuggling…it wasn’t enough.

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pic of smiling Kya.


    1. I pray you and your family are blessed in the days to come as you mourn & rest in hope along with the Keen family. I’m so grateful their family is surrounded in love.

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