If perfect healing means heaven, we trust you Father God. We know you are merciful. Tonight we abide & rest under the shadow of the Almighty knowing, Kya and her family are covered by your wings…

Update from Tracy:
Hello to all
I wanted to send out a quick update as I grab a bite to eat.
During the night, Kya was not well as she has developed several infections and is battling a fever off and on. Her body is in shut down mode again and now it is more than just her heart failing. Transplant is not an option any more with her other organs in such distress and her body struggling with infections. She is under heavy sedation as we are attempting to keep her comfortable until daddy and her bebas can join us. We have started the process of unhooking her from all the nonessential tubes in hopes of making her a little more comfy. Her levels are very touchy. Blood pressure is way low, o2 levels jump from 90’s to 40’s, her extremities are very cold even though she is sometimes burning up with fever. When she is agitated, her heart rate jumps to 180 and then down to the 70’s. Her kidney and brain functions plummet from mid 50’s (which is already not good) to the mid teen levels. She is fighting but now the fight has turned from fighting to stay alive to fighting to let go. We are unable to bring her out of full sedation at this time. The nurses and staff have cried with me during these last few difficult days. They are doing everything they can to keep Kya comfy. Once she is unhooked from other tubes sometime on Monday, they will make it possible for us to hold her, climb into bed and cuddle with her and let her pass while in our arms. Right now it is unsure how quickly she would go once things are reduced, so it could be anywhere from a few minutes to a week or so. We just want her to be comfy in that time and we want to be with her, holding our baby bear as she moves from this life into perfect healing and safety in the arms of Christ.
Much love to all and thank you for your prayers





Kya & Elyana. Buddies. & their late night snacks.

These pictures made me laugh & cry tonight. I love the looks each of these sweet girls are giving…Both clutching & protecting their snacks. The first times our family got to see Kya smile were precious. We were amazed at what Tracy’s love & care had done for this very sick little girl. I remember Tracy saying “I have to try”
God’s Kingdom needs mores servants with this type of attitude. One willing to take the hardest of paths….willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus, facing pain, giving all for the sake of the forgotten & weak.
It’s what He did. I’ve seen His beauty in you Tracy. For this, I thank you. We all thank you.
Cindy & family

9 thoughts on “Kya

  1. There are no words … Tears are flowing!
    Hear my cry oh God, attend unto my prayer. From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed lead me to the rock that is higher than I. For thou hast been a shelter for me, and a strong tower .

  2. I couldn’t have said it better than Christine, just wanted to say I am praying for Kya and her family tonight. I am thankful that she has known and felt the love of Jesus through her family. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you again Bridgett….for caring, for praying, for leaving your comments. It’s a comfort to know we are all connected & sharing His heart burdens for this sweet girl. She has certainly known love & I’m so grateful she has a Father in heaven who has loved & held her from the start.

  3. So many of us are praying for a miracle and grieving for Kya and her family now. Our mission team from last year loved your girls with a passion and prayed they would know the love of a family. We even nicknamed Kya(the momma come quick little one, knowing she needed healing quickly). Our hearts hurt knowing she is going through such a difficult time. We will pray for a miracle and believe God for HIS perfect plan for Kya.

    1. Her Mama certainly came…..I’m amazed at how God works. How He sent the perfect team, heard your prayers for these children, and sent the exact moms who needed these kids even more than the kids were in need. God knew they would change our hearts forever.
      Thank you for being there along this journey. I treasure the connections weve made with your team that went. I’ve felt the love of Christ through you all.

  4. I was on the mission trip this summer that first met Kya and named her “mommy come quick”. It breaks my heart to hear that she isn’t doing well. It also warms my heart to see updates on your little one. I remember first meeting her in the therapy room and she was so shy. She looks incredible now.

    1. Thank you Ginny. I’ll never forget your reassuring my anxious mom heart before China. I’ll be forever grateful for the love you all poured out on these beautiful children. Thank you for being the hands. & feet of Jesus.

  5. Thank you….to each one of you who have poured out your love for Kya & her buddies. You’ve traveled on mission trips to leave the fingerprints of Jesus on these little hearts, you’ve prayed valiant prayers from within the walls of your homes, you’ve been willing to allow God to break your heart with His burdens. For this I thank you. I thank you for being here with us….our hearts have all been tied together…as we’ve seen only a glimpse of what Kya and her family have been through on this difficult journey.
    We continue to rest tonight in the love of our merciful, loving Father.

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