Update on Kya

I think I’ve checked my inbox at least a gazilion times today, while praying unremittingly. Finally an update….but again not at all the news we hoped to hear. I debated on whether to share it, because I feel our job right now is to stand in defiantly as soldiers of Jesus Christ.

I’ve asked God if my steadfast, face set like flint prayers hold even an ounce of pride.
But I believe He has asked us, for now….to stand firm within in the heat of battle.

Honestly, I’ve told God I will still believe He is merciful & loving if He takes Kya to her everlasting home, but have also claimed the power of our Commander that sent hailstones to defeat the armies of Israel.

After loosing my beloved Uncle Mitchell last year, I know how irritating it was when people couldn’t accept that Gods mercy was to take Him home from sickness….and that it took an almost greater faith to accept the harder path. So, I rest in His decision, knowing He will never lead Kya & her family down a path where He is not. He is already there, yet it is still a mystery to me why He would move mountains through the prayers of His saints. I will continue praying and hoping this will be as Jesus spoke to the family of Lazarus. “This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God might be glorified thereby” John 11

We rest by still waters as we await healing….whether by heavens gate, or through a miracle.
Either way, we will not be shaken…we will believe. And for this evening, I stand saying “it is well”, resting in the hope we have in Jesus, while swinging a sword of faith for sweet little Kya and her family. Let’s surround Tracy with prayer as she sits by her daughters bedside, unable to hold or console the little one she waited & prayed to hold for so many months.
Thank you for fighting with us for Kya.

Tracy’s update:
I wish I could say last night was uneventful but that’s not the case. While we were face timing with Kya, she went into distress mode and pulled another code blue. She was very touchy last night never able to get to a stable point. I have been here with her and have watched her tank a few times. She is on complete paralyzingly meds and sedation but she is still combative. If she has the slightest stimulation, she drops and the nurses have to do rapid response to stop her from going back into cardiac arrest. As a result, the cath is now in question. Not sure if they will do it now or not. I am sitting next to her bed unable to hold her, talk to her, or touch her much as anytime I do she responds and goes down so I am just sitting next to her praying that if God takes her He will do so in a way that she is not in pain.

Tracy & Kya in China
I love the joy Tracy has found in Jesus even amidst the hardest of circumstance. We love you Tracy, love you Kya. Love you all. You’ve become our family.

5 thoughts on “Update on Kya

    1. Thank you Aunt Chris….I always know you are praying. I find such comfort in knowing We are all praying together. I love you.

  1. Thanks for keeping us updated…I am praying and loving Kya from Eastern Washington. Trusting in His plan and praying for His perfect will. Love to you all.

  2. So great to hear from you Bridgett! I have thought of you, especially recently as Elyana went for urology testing, as I remember you telling me before we went to China, that Emma went through all the same things.
    Thank you so much for your prayers & note of encouragement. I’m so amazed at how many of Gods people are joined together in prayer for Kya. Hope you and your family are well. Will keep in touch.

  3. I had never seen this picture of Tracy with Kya on the bed. So, SO precious! Thank you for sharing it. Tears….again….

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