My Cup Runneth Over

This Mothers Day holds a new fullness and deeper, possibly more broad understanding of a Mother’s love. Not because of me…but what was given to me.

Today, as I celebrate the wonderful women in my life, and the three beautiful gifts that made me a Mom… I also thank God for a woman somewhere, all the way around the world. A mom with pretty brown skin, deep black eyes & dark hair. And this woman, whom I believe my daughter Elyana greatly resembles, gave to me.

This past week I had an amazing dream. I dreamed about this woman I’ve wondered about countless times.
I dreamt I met her. What I recall most was looking into her eyes and seeing Elyana’s eyes. She was young and told me she knew she would never be able to care for her. I hugged her so tightly and wept saying a “thank you” that hardly spoke what my heart was bursting with.

The courage a birth mother has to give up a piece of herself….is one of the most heroic, beautiful acts of love for the life within her womb.

We could discuss or ponder circumstance….but today, I choose to pray straight into the heart of this woman. A woman who I will never meet, yet stays deeply connected.

I wonder if today….her heart will ache.

While mine rejoices in the gift, hers may break at the loss.

My heart is full, hers may feel at loss.
I can only guess at her sorrow, and yet feel so naive to the great pain she could’ve endured.

But, as God has so lovingly taught me….He is very good at filling the empty places in our hearts. No matter how deep the pain may cut.

Throughout the years following my Mothers death, He placed, gift after gift inside the void left by her absence. I still felt the ache….but over time my heart has become collage of faces –faces of those who’ve loved me unconditionally and filled the void through love. He sent just the husband, the exact children, friends & family…He knew would fill and be used as instruments of healing.

“My cup runneth over”

I will always have a place inside my heart reserved for my Mom….Deborah. But, where the enemy stole & wreaked havoc, my Father has truly healed and filled….to overflowing!!!

It’s what He does, and He’s so very good at it. I held out my emptiness, and He poured. And He hasn’t finished pouring. He does “above and beyond what we ask or think”


It’s this same healing I pray over Elyana’s birth Mother. Regardless of circumstance I would hug her, and say a “Thank you” that could never suffice for the love she gave to me in the form of one sweet little girl.

Elyana and I picked these flowers for her birth Mom. As we picked I told her about the woman who carried her in her belly.

If I could hug each woman today who has filled those empty places in my heart….I would. And say a great big thank you. You’ve loved & encouraged me…so today I also celebrate you!

And, to Elyana’s birth mom we say “Thank You” and take extra time to pause & think of her life. The great value she is to our Father in heaven who knows her life & circumstance.
I pray she finds the healing love of Christ Jesus & He somehow lets her know Elyana is loved & treasured…and so is she.


Happy Mothers Day

2 thoughts on “My Cup Runneth Over

  1. I so enjoyed reading this and seeing all the pictures! What a beautiful day you all had!! God is so good to bless us beyond what we could possibly imagine. I love the message of Elyana’s birth mother, and I love that you speak of her to Elyana. I love you sis, and I am so thankful for you. My life has so much beauty and inspiration because of your presence in it.

    1. I sure love you sis! You are one of those women God has especially used to heal & love. I celebrated you today! Thank you for your constant love & encouragement. Today was a little emotional for me…but a good day of reflection & celebration of Gods perfect way of making beauty from ashes. His love is perfect. Thank you for being His love to me.

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