Bedtime Prayers for Kya

Elyana has a rhythm to all she does each day. Consistency is a must for her. For a little over 2 years there was a pattern to her days. Predictable. Clockwork.
Then we came & turned her predictable world all upside down. But as I really sit and ponder tonight….I realize more clearly how she clings to patterns & has a thing for orderly, routine….making sure doors are shut (really bugs her!), eating at regular times, watching same shows, getting hugs from each of her family members before sleep (a must or she yells from bed).
So anyway. This predictability is also heard in her bedtime prayers. She prays for the same people every night. Those who have constant, weekly contact with her. Elyana pauses during prayer and it’s like she’s remembering familiar faces.
Well, I showed her Kya’s picture a few days ago. And for the last 2 nights she has prayed for immediate family, then ended with Kya. It took me off guard both times, because she switched things up.
So tonight. I wanted to say thank you for praying along with our family….for Elyanas pal Kya.

We are happy to report “Kya has been moved to the front of the hall which means she is no longer considered a critical patient but still on the ICU floor” She has Skyped with her family and has had a large breathing tube removed & is being taken off of some of the sedation meds. Yet, there are some very BIG things that need to happen for this gal. We ask that you specifically pray for her tummy-healing from her 1st surgery. She is having issues again with nutrition getting backed up. We also continue to pray for emotional healing in Kya’s heart. That she can stay calm, while being worked on.
All in all…we are encouraged by the recent reports!
These pictures are proof, that God has heard all our prayers. His angels are standing watch over this little one night & day.

Tracy included these pics in her update. The one on the right is of Kya at the beginning of this process. The one on the left was taken while on Skype.

We all love you Kya, and won’t give up praying! Your buddy Elyana is praying too. And somehow I think you & all your buddies all have a special place in our Fathers heart.

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