Why China?

**update on Kya attached below**

A few weeks ago I had a familiar and extremely innocent question presented to me once again regarding adoption.   “So, why China?” Such a short question, that I could expound upon with truth after truth.

But I have decided from now on my response, will be a very short one, laced with His sweet love.

“Why not China?”

When ANY need presents itself, we, as the body of Christ, are commanded to meet that need, no matter the cost or price we pay this side of heaven. No matter the risk in loving and lending our hands to the need, we must do it. Because it has been done for us. He gave all, so that we can be alive in Him.

Today this question was answered again, in a different way. It was answered by the life of one sweet girl in Washington, that only a few months ago faced near death in an orphanage in Baoji China and who now lies sedated in ICU, a machine pumping her heart, as she fights for her life.

Her mom Tracy traveled with our group to get this sweet girl and when she finally laid eyes on her, it wasn’t the typical adoption reunion where the mom gets to just sit and soak in her new child. Tracy’s first moments with Kya were a briefing of sorts with the nannies who looked concerned that Tracy would even be willing to take this sick girl home.

Of course Jesus never turned His back on the “hard” and Tracy & Carlton wouldn’t either. Today’s update on Kya was a hard one for me to read. As our little girl Elyana is learning to walk with new foot braces, we pray Kya through difficulties so that someday she may also have the opportunity to walk. Yesterday was surgery #2 of 4 vital surgeries needed.

Why China?

Today the answer rings louder and more clearly than ever.

In the U.S. babies with her serious condition would’ve been given the necessary life giving operations needed at birth. Kya on the other hand, had to wait 2 long years and the Dr. now tells her mom that because of this she faces extremely life-threatening complications.

God needs his hands and feet to meet the needs and love children here in the U.S., in China, Ethiopia, Korea, Thailand, Greece, Russia, India…..anywhere a child faces possible neglect, pain, fear, abuse or hunger. We are called, chosen…..so Why Not?

Go, do, whatever God has burdened your heart with. Today. Whether it is to serve on your knees, help financially, or physically go. We can together make a difference in a world so in NEED of HIS beautiful love and message of the cross.

Today, I share a hard update, and ask for prayer once again for Kya and her family, and challenge myself again to fulfill the calling God has placed upon my heart. To love each and every day as He prompts my heart. To quiet myself so that I can hear Him speaking. To go WHEREVER the need is.

We love him, because he first loved us.” I John 4:19

**Kya in ICU – surgery #2.

I’ve been checking my phone quite often today, waiting for an update on Kya.  We’ve been praying so hard and rightly so.  It’s been a LONNNGG night for both Tracy and her husband Carlton.

From Kya’s Mom/Tracy:

I have been awake now for 24 hours. I think once I describe the scene last night you will know why I was trying so hard to get a room out of the ICU.

Kya finally made it up to ICU at 1:18 am. A team of about 10 people came bursting into the ICU room with lights turned on, monitors beeping, and a little girl who is still struggling this morning to recover. I sat quietly behind the pulled curtain on the rollout couch unable to sleep. I listened to every word the Dr said about Kya and her progression. Not all of it was good. She was and still is on the ECMO machine. She is still bleeding from her chest tubes and occasionally from her nose. Her chest is still open to give her heart room as it tries to revive itself. She is MRSA positive again. She is still sedated as one time during the night, she started to come out of it, which is what they wanted, but she went into fit mode so they quickly realized they would have to keep her sedated so she does not rip out her tubes. I did hear the Dr mention that she had troubles with being under and mentioned having to send off labs to an endocrinologist. The idea of Kya having diabeties has been mentioned to me before, now I guess we will get to find out the answer to that question too. I am attaching a pic of our little princess, still as cute and spunky looking as ever, even with her eyes rolled to the back of her head. The battle to stabilize her is far from over. The bleeding has got to be stopped, no more giving her blood to replace the lost blood, ECMO machine needs to come out and be turned off, chest needs to be sewn up, and no problems with MRSA. She now has a team of 5 people working literally non-stop to keep her little heart going and to replace the blood she is losing. These people have amazed me, they have not stopped. When the Dr tried his best to explain why things did not turn out so well, his best answer was this is 2 years too late which just added so much more complication. Kya really needed this surgery at birth. We knew there would be risks but had to take the chance as Kya needs to get better no matter how old she is. Please pray for Carlton as he heads back to whidbey today after a very long night. And pray I might find some moments of rest somehow over the next few days in ICU.


We will keep praying Kya.

God pump Kya’s heart right now.  Make her strong in your strength.  Lift up her mom and Dad, giving them a courage not their own. We love and trust you.  In Jesus name we pray.  AMEN.

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