Elyanas Orphanage Pal Needs Prayer

Could I ask you to pray tonight for sweet little Kya?

Elyana spent 2 years of her life with Kya in China, and tonight she is in ICU after having a serious surgery on her tummy today. This surgery was a higher risk because of her serious heart condition.
Kya has a very special place in all our hearts.
Here is the update we just received from her mom and dad:

“So Kya is finally out of tummy surgery. Found a lot more than expected and it lasted 4 1/2 hours instead of 2. Kya took a turn and is in ICU now. She backed up too much fluid on her lungs which was a risk they hoping would not happen. I am just waiting now to be told she is stabilized in ICU and if I can see her.”


3 thoughts on “Elyanas Orphanage Pal Needs Prayer

  1. I am lifting her up now in prayer! This has touched my heart so, I will be faithful in praying for her and the wisdom of the physicians!

    1. Thank you Aunt Chris…I started crying when I got her moms message because I remember holding frail little Kya in China & praying over her. She is precious & has come so far with love surrounding her.
      I knew you would pray. Thank you. I love you so much.

  2. Lord Jesus, thank You for the gift of this precious little one. Thank You for the moments that You have allowed so that she could be filled with love and joy and touch the hearts of so many. Thank You for bringing her this far on her journey here on earth. What a priceless treasure she has been. Lord, we ask for more time for her to spend here with her new family who loves her and needs her. Please heal her and and allow her to shine Your love into many more lives and hearts. We need more beautiful here, Father, in the midst of the darkness and brokenness. She is needed here…so that all may see Your compassion and faithfulness, Lord Jesus. Grant us this request, Father. All glory and honor is Yours and Yours alone. We love You and trust You. We know she is in Your hands. In our wonderful Savior’s Name we pray, Jesus. Amen.

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