2 Months Ago

We were reminded yesterday by our good friends AJ & Susannah Pilato, that it had been 2 months since we received our precious, long awaited gifts from God.

I have been wanting to update everyone on how Elyanas orphanage buddies are now doing as they have also settled into their new families.
The transformation has been an amazing one to witness in Elyanas life & also in Eli & Kyas life.

I asked for prayer for Kya when we were in China, because honestly we all hoped & prayed very hard she would make it home to meet her Daddy and brothers. And now…..she is smiling/laughing, has gained weight, and is preparing for a big surgery.
Please keep little Kya in your prayers as she faces stomach surgery & heart procedures. This unconditional love Kya has received is the greatest healing she could have be given.

Eli has certainly settled in. He’s sledding, shopping, playing, and most importantly learning what fun having a mom and dad adore you is! He’s so full of new life & I can’t help but think that this is how I feel when I remember I am a child of God! I am made secure & filled with joy. Susannah spends her days dedicated to helping him stay on schedule & continue adjusting. He’s singing praise songs & I can’t help but smile to think of how far this little guy has come. http://thepilatofam.blogspot.com/2014/01/welcoming-home-precious-one.html?m=1

Each of our families have faced challenges during this adjustment period, but praying over these children has made an incredible difference!
Speaking & praying the word of God over their hearts, has brought the peace & joy we are promised.

I’ve been inspired as I’ve seen the courage & strength of Kyas mom & dad, and the determination & love of Eli’s parents. Gods been doing a work in their hearts & in all of ours. It’s funny how God uses your children to show those unkept places that need swept out of our own hearts. So as He heals their hearts, He has also done a work in ours.

I thank God that 2 months ago He not only blessed our family with Elyana, but with friends we will treasure forever.










20140216-131051.jpg ~ little Chloe was adopted at the same time, but from a different Province. We were with the Meyer family from IN for part of the trip & are thankful to have met them too! Chloe’s little smile says it all.
Mindy Meyers blog has been wonderful to read. http://ourjourneytocutie.blogspot.com/2014/02/beyond-words_20.html?spref=fb&m=1

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