Day 11……Good morning/Good night…from Guangzhou!

The city of Guangzhou….driving on our way to the Safari Park this morning.


The city reminds us all of Florida.

Day 11 was spent with 2 other families at the Safari park here in Guangzhou.  The kids ALL loved it! We all agree it was the most up close we have been to so many animals!!! (Ryan, who isn’t typically a zoo lover…really enjoyed this day!) Maybe because China doesn’t have all the rules and regulations the U.S. does with zoos.



Our guide Summer, little Kya, and Tracy.  We are happy to report Kya is doing better each day.  It’s amazing what love can do!



You would walk and see animal after animal….they weren’t hiding and you didn’t have to crane your neck or point way behind bushes to find them.  (maybe because they were being thrown raw meat the whole way) lol.

Ok, I honestly never knew tigers were so big…..

The kids got to buy raw meat and throw it to the tigers…..


Ryan and Jenna loved taking turns pushing Elyana in the stroller…..they are such great help (and entertainment).


The signs in China are often translated strangly……


Taking a little break…..with our new friend A.J.


Elyana really enjoyed the day.  She pointed at animals on the safari ride, laughed at the miniature monkeys, and loved feeding the girafes.  Therer were so many hands on, up close animal opportunities!



In the baby animal incubator room.  (Our guide Summer pointed out that they import good infant formula for the baby animals…but the kids in the orphanage get the Chinese formula…hummm)


We didn’t get a good pic with Elyana and the incubators….but she loved the baby animals.  She waved saying bye-bye to them all when we left!


We got front row seats at the elephant show.  They go so close it was almost intimiating. At the end of the show Elyana had an elephant touch her face with it’s trunk! She wasn’t at all impressed by that…it scared her.  (happened so quick we didn’t get a pic)


One of our favorite parts was seeing all the panda bears…..



Ryan trying to shake loose a piece of bamboo for a souvenier….no success….


We were amazed at how big the bamboo is! Wish we could plant some in our yard back home!


All tuckered out after a long day of animals…..


A snoozing stroller ride…..


Had to share a funny picture of….can you guess who?


Jenna was hiding like a celebrity from the lady in the hotel lobby that wont leave her alone.  lol.  She comes up to Jenna every day and hold onto her hair!

***A quick note from John and I.

We wanted to share with you, that while our blog posts have given you the many smiles and happy moments over this past week, it doesn’t fully depict this adoption journey for us or these other families we have traveled with.   There have been some very raw moments in each of these little ones lives since Gotcha Day.  Elyana has shown some very difficult grieving and emotion these last few days especially.  We would ask that you PLEASE continue to pray for her and the other children.  With Elyana we’ve had full blown out tantrums with head banging, hitting, scratching, and food issues that we know will dissolve with time.  We are reminding ourselves and Ryan and Jenna that these children saw the same people day in and day out for two years…..were fed the same bland food (and were only allotted specific times for feedings).  And while these nannies and orphanage seem to have been exceptional…they could not always hold and coddle these sweet ones every time they were hurt, sad, hungry, or lonely.  Our children are grieving, processing change, and we believe won’t fully begin a healing process until they are home and have a quiet, consistent schedule and care from us.  This is tough stuff (and we don’t say these things to make anyone think we are super hero parents).  We are fully relying upon God’s grace and his wisdom for every moment. Without Him we couldn’t help her at all.   We wish we could have a window into the world she lived in for 2 years, but unfortunately cannot.  So, we can only guess what she is feeling.  John and I are a team, and the kids have been great.  We prepared them ahead of time for these emotions, and they are very compassionate and loving.

We’ve had many moments of joy…..and moments that make me want to cry for this sweet girls hurts inside.   The comfort we find is in the truth that God is our Healer and will be hers too.

“He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds” Ps. 147:3

One thought on “Day 11……Good morning/Good night…from Guangzhou!

  1. Our Christian life is filled with joys and hurts and we have One who knows and understands, Praise His name. My prayer is that your family will be lead by the Holy Spirit as He brings wholeness and healing for all of you. Sending love and prayers.

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