Day 10…..Busy day on the town!

Guangzhou is like a breath of fresh air for us (literally) after leaving Xian.  We had sunshine and blue skies all day! I think the weather has been really good for us all.  Our throats are feeling better, and Elyana’s cough and cold seems to be improving.  It was a full, but fun day….so lots of pictures to share this time!

Day 10….breakfast time! One of our favorite meals….especially here in Guangzhou…because there is such a HUGE selection and you can get things that taste American!   (we have loved the Chinese food, but after a while a tummy needs normal!)

DSC02965 DSC02966

Our breakfast pictures of Elyana always seem to turn out cute….Ryan took this of Elyana imitating Jenna making silly noises with her cheeks…..


She ate so  good today….tried oatmeal with raisins in it for the first time, had hard boiled egg, fruit and yogurt.  She is getting some much needed vitamins.

Hotel breakfast view of Guangzhou……


For a city of 13 million, it is kept so nice and beautiful! It reminds me of the movie scenes with everyone out in the park doing tae chi, exercising, playing checkers…ect.  They utilize their parks here! We saw lots of families out since today since it was Sunday and it was also a Chinese holiday.  (they celebrate the “last warm day” of China before winter comes, and our guide tells us it’s a day family spends together)


1st stop….the Art Academy (built 200 yrs ago) The decorations on the building are all ceramics/pottery and carved stone or wood. The details are amazing!


The guys in our group doing a macho pose in front of the male lion statue…..


The ladies of our group (including Helen and Summer) doing our feminine pose in front of the lady lioness!


The artist work inside, so the kids really enjoyed seeing some great traditional Chinese art.  This artists paints with only his hands and fingernails.  We were all impressed & realize we need to work on our finger painting skills!  You can see one of his paintings (all done by hand) there on his desk.



This Chinese woman was so excited to see Ryan and Jenna that she grabbed their arms and pointed to our camera.  She wanted us to have a picture of our kids with her.  So sweet.


Here is another artist below that wrote Elyana’s name in Chinese for us.


Jenna is quite popular around here…..


Snack time on the bus….  she is loving all the fruit she gets to try.  The orphanage did not serve fruit. (only special occasions)


Our guide took us to the famous Pearl Market.  Since Guangzhou is very close to the ocean….pearls are easier to get (so cheaper here).


Each of the girls got a strand of pearls for their wedding day……

DSC03070 DSC03068

There are bags and bags of pearl strands EVERYWHERE!! So pretty!



Waiting outside the mall for our bus to pick us up. (we take a private bus, so it’s only the adoptive families riding together)


A woman outside the mall singing beautiful Chinese songs for money.


Little Eli….tired and ready for a nap.  This tourist stuff is tough on them, after being on the same schedule for so long.  He is SOOOOO cute!!!


By this point Elyana had already had a huge melt down in the restaurant we ate at.  She is such a happy, well natured girl….but when she doesn’t get sleep….WATCH OUT! lol

At the park in Guangzhou-

This is the famous statue you see in all the adoption photos.  I was hoping to get lots of cute pictures of her here….but it turned out being a quick drive by picture, because she was so OVERLY tired!! (she went to sleep in the stroller soon after this pic)



Fellow violin players…..Jenna will need to practice when she gets home!!!


The kids loved these guys!


After a day out on the town….we headed back to the hotel to relax for a little before going on the (optional) dinner cruise.  This is the view from our hotel window.  The building you see is being torn down….by excavators on the top of it!!!  You won’t see this in the U.S.  They are still out there working now (and it’s night time!!)   John has, of course, enjoyed watching this crazy job site!


This evening on our way (walking downtown) to the cruise, our guide 1st walked us through a famous seafood restaurant.  You pick out your (live ….eeeek) meat and vegetables, then they cook and serve it.  We did not eat here, though John (I’m sure) would’ve loved too! Some of the animals they eat are CRAZYYYY! I took tons more pics, but couldn’t include them all.  It was like a huge grocery store full of live animals…..


Live snakes for dinner anyone? (YUCKKK!)


Water beetles…..


And who doesn’t love to see the head of a goat before eating? yum…….


And to wash it all down….snake wine.  Our guide Hellen says she has drank it before.  No thank you!


The dinner cruise was beautiful…..

DSC03169 DSC03183 DSC03186

It’s been so neat to meet such kind Chinese people.  Many are so happy for us and are caught up by Elyana’s sweet smile.  Our guide tells me she looks like me…lol….I am a lucky Mama then.


I cannot imagine our family without each beautiful piece of the puzzle God has put in place…..

The city Elyana is from is called Baoji. Bao – means treasure.  I am still so in awe that we have been gifted these 3 treasures.  We will forever thank God that he has bestowed upon us such blessings.



We giggled and laughed so hard as we played around on the bed today.  This was one of the best parts of my day.


“For he that is mighty hath done to me great things; and holy is his name.” Luke 1:49





2 thoughts on “Day 10…..Busy day on the town!

  1. Love all the updates, photos and the culture. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. God has blessed you in so many ways, you are an amazing momma and Elyana is such a lucky and blessed baby for God to put her in your lives and you in hers. You all look so happy in almost all your pics. LOL! Praying for safe travels.

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