Day 9…..Guangzhou – Medical Exam for Elyana & Shopping

Yesterday before leaving Xian (the capital city of Elyana’s province) we made one last tourist stop! We saw the ancient wall of Xian.  Here is our whole group before climbing the steps to the top of the wall.


It reminded me of the city of Jericho in the Bible….our guide told us the wall was approximately 9 miles all the way around, and they could drive 6 chariots across.  The wall was built during the Ming Dynasty, 600 years ago.


This is the top of the wall.  Many people rent bikes and ride around it.



The wall was built to fend off invaders from the west.  Below shows the place the archers would shoot from, looking out over the moat.



Ryan makes for a pretty fierce warrior……


Jenna….as more of a goof ball warrior…..


Below is our guide Sherry.  She is from Xian, so could tell us all the history.  John has been giving the guides such a hard time….but I think they like it.  They aren’t used to a lot of teasing, so they just laugh at him allot.  We really enjoyed our time here with her.  It almost made me cry to leave the place Elyana was born, and the people of her province.  It’s hard to explain all the emotions that pull and tug at your heart when your little one is so connected to this place.  We have grown to really love this place and the people.  (just not the smog)


One last look at Xian…


John updated last night that we had a good flight to Guangzhou…..

….and TODAY…….Our first day in Guangzhou was sunshine, clear skies and lower 60’s in temperature.  We were SO happy to be out of the smog & be able to breathe again!! The reason we are here in Guangzhou is because the U.S. consulate is here and we have to have Elyana’s medical exam, so that she is cleared for take off! We also have to go apply for her VISA, so that we can leave the country and enter the U.S.  We are almost done with all the paperwork.

We started our day at the very BIG breakfast buffet.  Our hotel the China Motel – Marriott is beautiful and we saw MANY, MANY other families from all over the place, also staying there with their newly adopted little ones.


After breakfast we left for the medical examination.  They checked her ears, heart, lungs, throat, measured her head, took her weight, and drew blood for a TB test. (not fun for her)


Yes…that’s Elyana in the background crying.  We said at least now, hopefully we are lookin like the good guys! lol





She calmed down pretty quick after her blood draw….


After the medical examination we stopped at a local shop to buy traditional Chinese dresses and souvenirs. It was a nice shop and the Chinese women were very nice.


A lady hand painting the porcelain….her work was beautiful.


After shopping the women made us the BEST green tea we’ve ever had. The kids even loved it!  They had a tea-table in the shop where they showed us how they make it from tea leaves hand-picked in the Hunan province. (grown on the mountains you may have seen cut out in tiers)  She explained that all people in Guangzhou drink tea (other provinces they don’t drink as much)


It’s almost like an art form watching them make it.  (Mimi we thought of you!)


So far Guangzhou has been a wonderful last stop for us in China.  We are looking forward to some site seeing and especially…getting all our final documents completed for the return home.  We’ve truly loved being here, but really do miss you all, and miss home.

We hope all is well there.  Good morning to you, and good night from Guangzhou.






6 thoughts on “Day 9…..Guangzhou – Medical Exam for Elyana & Shopping

  1. I have followed your journey with such joy! How appropriate that all of this is happening now, the season of Jesus coming into the world as a baby. It just helps me to feel the joy that Mary must have felt when her baby arrived. So with great JOY I celebrate your new child, precious Ely, as I also celebrate the birth of God’s Son. May God continue to give you safe traveling.

    1. HI Aunt Velma! Yes, it seems like the perfect time of year to be given this special gift of Elyana to our family. I have been reading the story of the first Christmas for the last few days….and thinking about the beauty of it all. I’m so grateful that you’ve been on this journey with us. I always know you are praying. We send our love all the way to you, and hope you have a very blessed Christmas.

  2. Great seeing all the pictures and following your family adventure of 5! Can’t wait to give hugs and see that little sweet Elyana in person. Love to you all.

    1. Hello! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed seeing pictures! It’s always later at night when I post, and sometimes I feel too tired to do it, but somehow it makes me feel better….to feel I’ve connected with you all. Been enjoying our time, but miss everyone very much. Looking forward to being home and settling in with her. I love you sweet friend & can’t wait to introduce her to you!

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