Day 8…..Xian last day….& travel to Guangzhou!

I am posting early today, because our flight leaves Xian at 7pm this evening.  We wont arrive until 10pm tonight, and will have to drive to the hotel and get settled in.

After we check out of our hotel today we will visit the Ancient City Wall of Xian (will post pics tomorrow of that).

Here is Elyana all dressed and ready for breakfast. We got to talk to John’s Dad (PopPop) this morning and she said PopPop.  She is learning so quickly, and repeats everything.


I think we are finally adjusting to eating a Chinese style breakfast.  There are no scrambled eggs….but they have plenty of fried rice, noodles, baked beans, bread pudding, all kinds of cold salads, Chinese fig rice cakes, dried fruit, corn on the cobb…..and a few normal b-fast things like fruit, yogurt and bacon.  The only meat that tastes like our meat in the U.S. so far is the bacon.  It’s thick cut, so tastes more like ham….but it works!


Elyana ate a boiled egg mashed up in a bowl and a drinkable yogurt.  She also loves the breakfast biscuits from the store John found.  (she had those in the orphanage)  We’ve found she loves feeding herself! Anything that makes her feel like a big girl….she loves doing.


Brushing her teeth for the first time was one of those things that made her feel SO big! (no toothpaste…but just the idea made her happy) When she started brushing the suitcase and her hair with it…..was time to put it away!


She wanted one of the hair pretty’s in her hair that Jenna and I use. So we fixed her hair and she felt all big again.  She’s so funny.

Daddy’s girls…..


For lunch we took our food down to another family’s room and ate, then let the kids have a play date.

Elyana (2yrs old), Kya (2yrs old-but one month older than Elyana) in the middle, and Eli (19 mo.)  All three from the same orphanage Baoji City Children’s Welfare Institute.


They loved playing together today.  Other days they seemed unsure when we were all together. (we think it reminded them of the orphanage and would make confused) But today was great….


These three will always have a connection with each other…..they spent much of their time in  same familiar place together.


Eli had fun playing ball with Jenna, and Elyana LOVES books….so enjoyed playing with Eli’s board books.




So far it’s been a great day! We are all ready for the last stop on this grand adventure….Guangzhou.  It will be warmer there, and we’ve heard from our friends Bud and June Hall that it is more Westernized and not all the honking traffic.  We are also hoping there wont be all the smog filling our lungs down there.

The smog literally settles as a layer of dust over everything each day.  They are constantly sweeping sidewalks, and even mopping driveways.  This was the night stand in our room after only 24hrs since it had been wiped down.


No wonder our throats hurt and Elyana has a cough.  Makes us FULLY appreciate the clean air where we live!


Well, we are all packed up and Elyana is taking a good nap before we check out of the hotel at 3:00pm. It will be a busy afternoon and evening, so we will most definitely conk out tonight!   We are thinking of you all and send our love.

See you when we are in Guanzhou!



2 thoughts on “Day 8…..Xian last day….& travel to Guangzhou!

  1. How amazing! It is great to see all the kids together! They look like they’re having so much fun 🙂 Saying many prayers for little Kya. And praying also that you all stay healthy until you get home! Hope the flight goes well, and that you enjoy the warmer weather! We’ve got rainy slush here today… More snow to come on Monday. Missing you all!!

  2. I love these Pictures. It is so joyous to me to see your family complete now after months and longer of waiting and God giving you all a desire of your heart. I will keep you all in my prayers and looking forward to being able to hug you and see my new baby niece. I love you all and I pray that God will continue to keep you all in good health!! XXXXOOOOO

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