Day 5 & 6 in Xian.

Day 5

Day five (Tues) was really great for us to be able to slow down and process all this new change.  There were no appointments or site seeing on the agenda.  A chill out day was what all the families needed.

It also gave us the opportunity to Skype family that we’ve been missing.  Here are the girls talking to John’s dad (PopPop)


Ryan is an amazingly patient and compassionate big brother.  He finds any opportunity to amuse Elyana and get a smile from her….




Elyana LOVED watching Ryan and Jenna play and be silly.  She would watch for a little….then speedily crawl over and try to join in!


I needed some time to reorganize suitcases and make order of the chaos in our hotel room, so John, Ryan and Jenna went out adventuring on the streets while Elyana and I stayed in.  Ryan and Jenna came back so excited.  They had a blast and bought some great souvenirs! Even avoided getting taken out by a motorcycle.  lol.  John said he felt more comfortable there, than at the Vangard (their version of Wal-Mart) yesterday.   He said the people on the side street markets were more friendly.  The people would pat Ryan and Jenna on the back, giving them thumbs up.  And those that knew any English, would try to talk to them.



Rubbermaid totes anyone??…….


The kids found some really great (and cheap) chopsticks and things we could hang up on the tree as Christmas ornaments.  They have anything from plumbing, refrigerators, clothing, telephones….ect


If we need anything food/for baby…ect… We go to a store a short walking distance from the hotel called the Vangard.  This is the meat section of it….very different from our meat section….


Their eggs look and taste MUCH different from ours….


Day 6

Day six (Wednesday) we went to see the ancient Terracotta Warriors. (that date back 2,200 years ago).  It was SOOOOO neat!!!


Our guide Sherry told us lots of neat details about the history and excavation of the site that still continues today.  They have reconstructed over 8,000 warriors and still have MANY more to go!


The kids read about this before coming to China, so they were very excited to see it in person!



This is what happens when you tell Ryan not to touch the ancient dig site.  lol


We also visited a factory where they take actual clay from the dig site to make small replicas of the Terracotta Warriors.  It was really interesting.  Here are the kids posing as warriors and emperors….




Inside the factory we were shown how they use molds and kiln to harden the clay.  The kids then got to pick out a set of the warriors to bring home as a souvenir.  We got one for Elyana too, since this is the province she was born in.  Shaanxi is full of history….it’s really where China began.  It’s where all the famous things you have probably heard of originate.

IMG_20131218_102211313 IMG_20131218_102528806 IMG_20131218_102536921_HDR

The kiln above, where they fire the replicas.  They cover the door with clay to keep the heat in.  The picture on the right was of one uncovered.  There are 6 kilns.


We learned allot today and enjoyed getting out of the hotel again….although in the past few days a horrible smog has settled over the city.  Between the smog and cigarette smoke (everywhere) and I mean everywhere….it makes your head feel out of it.

IMG_20131218_175329418 IMG_20131215_153038945

This was the smog (not fog) tonight………………….compaired to the day we arrived in Xian on Gotcha day.

The food so far has been ok…..if you can find a really good authentic Chinese restaurant (and have a guide order it for you) its great.  But I’ve never seen the kids so happy to see a Subway! lol…and it actually tasted somewhat close to our American Subway!


Today was a really good day….and we have MUCH to be thankful for.  The kids have commented about how thankful they are to live in the U.S.  This trip has shown us so much, and opened our eyes to see that our world is not everyone elses world.  We are trying to soak in every day, for we feel it’s a great privilege to be here.  It’s strange, but we all feel a connection to this place….because of Elyana.  I can’t help but look at the faces at the women here, and just wonder where her birth mother is, and what circumstances made her give this sweet girl away.  We are so thankful, so amazingly grateful that God gave her to us.

She is making progress every day.  Yesterday we saw a deep sadness sweep over her for a short time, and as hard as it is….we are glad she is trying to process all of this.  Today it was so neat to see her asking to be held by John and cracking up at Ryan making monkey faces at her.

She still has no clue what family is….but she is sure learning fast.  She copies everything we say and do, and already says MANY English words.  Jenna taught her a Chinese song she learned, and she was even singing it today.  Her nannies had written that she is a bright girl….and we believe it! She can already communicate her needs to us.  She tells us when she wants or doesn’t want something….and we are even learning her Chinese words the cue us to whether she is thirsty or hungry.

Sometimes she will crawl over and sit quietly and play with her toys.  A few times today she would just sit and look at her photo album with pictures of family in it.  So sweet…..


We thank you all for your prayers and love.  Please continue to pray for her, Eli and Kya as they adjust to their families. (all three of them were in the same class at the same orphanage together….there are no coincidences with God!) 🙂

***Also…..  Kya is in great need of your continued prayers. (she is the heart condition baby…that is Elyana’s age)  She is very sick and will need surgery as soon as she is in the U.S.  We feel so grateful to have met these two other families.  We’ve been able to support and love one another through this time, and will continue to stay in touch long after we return home.

4 thoughts on “Day 5 & 6 in Xian.

  1. Our God is awesome and your little daughter is amazing! It is surreal to finally see you all in China! So many prayers answered as only God, our good and faithful creator could answer! Thank you for posting and keeping us in the loop!! It is like waves of blessing upon blessing to see all of the pictures and read the stories of this next chapter in the journey to bring Elyana home. Praise God for his grace and mercy!! I love you all!!!

    1. Yes….our God is so AWESOME!!! I am in complete awe and wonder at what He has done. He has shown us His love in such a deep way through her. I cannot imagine trying to live life without Him. I’m glad you’ve all enjoyed reading and seeing pics. I love you so much! Hope you and your family are good. Can’t wait to see you and give you a hug soon!

  2. Love all the pictures!! have you guys found the two malls down the street from your hotel…the opposite direction from the Vangard? They are fun to walk through, one of them is all childrens stores. Looks and sounds like Elyana is doing AWESOME! Love all the smiles and praying for her sad moments and for the other precious heart baby and for all of you to have safe travels as you head towards Guangzhou! Thanks for letting us take a peek into your new family of five…what a blessing! Traveling mercies!

    1. Hi Bridgett!!! No, haven’t been to the malls….but that may give us something to do today! Thanks for the tip!!! We are all getting a little stir crazy today in the hotel. But, the smog makes me want to stay in. Can’t believe how bad it has gotten since here. Elyana is starting to have a cough & I really think it’s from the smog and smoke.
      She IS thankfully doing well so far. She has her moments, but we work through them… I’m sure you know. Thank you for your prayers for these little ones……that is the best remedy!
      Thank you for all the pre-travel advice & for letting me peek into your adoption journey through your blog. That’s one reason I wanted to try and keep up with it….so other waiting families can have a sneak peek into what it could be like.
      We were glad to get your message today!

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