Day 4……It’s Official!

Today Elyana is officially recognized legally as in our custody!

1st stop breakfast…..


Jenna simply adores her new sister…..and Elyana copies everything Jenna says and does.  It’s so cute.

After breakfast we left to drive back to the same government building Gotcha Day was at. We were interviewed and they documented our answers, took our thumb prints (Elyana’s thumb and foot print), then we received our official Adoption decree from the Chinese government! This means we are now  recognized as her parents with full custody and rights.

Ready to tackle this paperwork……



(our guide in Xian (Sherry) is also our interpreter everywhere we go.  She also helps advise John not to eat weird things off the street vendors! lol)


Elyana’s footprints and thumbprints for documents.



After the footprints, thumbprints and documents were signed, we headed to the police station where we would apply for her passport. On the way there our van got hit by an armored vehicle.  The traffic here is crazy!! Thankfully it was a minor incident, and we were on our way after about 20min.


John says this better be the only time she is in a police station. 🙂


Waiting patiently to have her picture taken for her passport.  There are only 2 other families traveling with us, things went fairly quickly for us.  Elyana was getting tired by this point.  She took a bottle on the way back to the hotel and fell asleep.


The city we are in is like none other I’ve been in.  We are so thankful for the opportunity to see the land and people Elyana was born too.  It’s a pretty wild place and people & power lines everywhere!


The view from our hotel window. (we are on the 23rd floor)


Back at the hotel….we wind down after the whirlwind the last few days have been…..



She loves her Daddy……she laughs so much with him and the kids.  Her laughter is contagious.


A lil Daddy hug…..


Yesterday she was a tad more comfortable with me, but today she figured out Daddy likes to play and be rowdy.  And she likes to be very silly…..


Ryan is amazed at what Elyana can already do and say.  She works at things with her hands and figures out how things work.  Today she mastered screwing on and off the water bottle cap.  You can see the wheels spinning inside her head.


We had the perfect end to our day… authentic Chinese meal. (we all really like the beef and noodles!) yum!


Daddy feeding her with chopsticks for the first time…..


Before we ate tonight we said a prayer….. a prayer of thanks for our family.  We thanked Him for all of you, and prayed for the 2 other children adopted from Elyana’s orphanage by the families traveling with us – Eli (19 mo old) and Kya (2 yrs old).  We ask today a special request for prayer for Kya.  She is such a sweet little one with severe heart and stomach issues. (she is the same age as Elyana, and we think they were in the same room at the orphanage)   Please pray for her mom (who came all this way by herself) and is trying to help her daughter hang on until she can be seen by specialists in the U.S.

These wonderful people we are traveling with will always have a special bond with us and also with Elyana.  They are her orphanage buddies and now their lives are knit together in forever family stories.  (If possible we will post pictures later of all the children together)

From Xian I say goodnight and hopefully get some much needed rest…’s been a while since I’ve kept up with a 2 year old!

We are loving every minute.

Thank you all for your beautiful comments, encouragements and prayers. (I apologize for not being able to respond to you all….by the end of the day I can barely keep my eyes open! lol)

Also…… thank you for continuing to pray for Elyana as she continues to process all these changes.  Each adopted child processes things differently and you can’t always see how tough the change has been.  We know she doesn’t know yet we are her Mom and Dad….Brother and Sister….but we know she feels our love….and that’s what truly matters.  God’s love can heal……and we rest in that truth.

Thank you Lord for all the little orphans waiting to be adopted tonight who still lay their heads down in a room full of other children.  We ask that your love would find them through the hands and feet of your people.


4 thoughts on “Day 4……It’s Official!

  1. As I read your heart felt encouraging wordsYou have renewed my sense of spirt and love that God had intended on us to live our lives.This time a year is very difficult to focus on what the meaning of Christmas really is.You are living it right now.God Bless enjoy that very special blessed child,the looks are your families faces are priceless.

    1. Thank you for your heartfelt message! How wonderful it is to read all these encouraging messages. It TRULY has reminded our hearts of what is important this time of year. It has been wonderful somehow to be removed this year from all the hustle and bustle….and to focus on God’s great and most perfect gift… sent down to us all. We’ve been redeemed and adopted just as our sweet Elyana. Thank you so much for taking the time to send your message. Our family has been touched by the responses we have received. Have a blessed and wonderful Christmas!

  2. Oh This is such a joyous time!! Praise God for all that He has done in this journey that He has led you on!! I am so very excited and pray daily for you all. We love being able to follow you daily and to be able to rejoice with you!! I cannot wait to meet my new baby niece!! I love you all

    1. Hi Aunt Chris!!! Yes, God is bringing joy. We are so grateful. Her smile and laugh are contagious…..just what we needed after a very long year. I can’t wait for you to see her smile in person. She will love her Aunt Chris! We love you VERY much!
      I’m glad we can stay connected via blog….makes me feel close somehow to all of you. I will try and email you our Skype # so we can try and catch you to talk. 😉

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