We made it! Day 1 in Beijing!

After months and months of praying and waiting, we are finally in China! I am still trying to process that we are a whole world away from you all now, instead of our new daughter….which has been the opposite for over a year!
After a smooth 13 hr. flight we landed in Beijing yesterday (2:30pm Beijing Time – 1:30am U.S. time).
It took a long time descending and Jenna got a very sick tummy, (we think it was a combination of food and motion sickness). She had bouts of nausea all day today during our touring, but is resting now and says she needs to not be moving in anything for a little while!

Our first day in China was a full and eventful day! We were told our guide Summer would be so sweet, and she really has been amazing! (pictured below with her) We made sure we told her hello from the families that requested! She really cares about her job and each family she works with.


Everything was so smooth today & she is so helpful! Her and our driver work together so well to make the day seemless and memorable.  Our first stop of the day was the Summer Palace. (Which our guide Summer jokes is her palace!) The Emperor of China would stay in the Forbidden Palace (where we go tomorrow) in the winter months, and the Summer Palace in the warm months.  It was beautiful! We had a sunny day, and the smog thankfully wasn’t bad at all today!



(John and Ryan went with the rest of our group to climb the 500 steps to the top, but Jenna didn’t feel good….so we went part way and took pictures of them at the top)


(if you look close you can see John, Ryan and a the rest of our group at the top! )

It was such a beautiful palace and the path to it stretched all around a lake.  The details on each and every building was amazing! It was allot of walking (and it was very cold) but thankfully there was no wind for most of the day.




An awesome moment of our day, was when John heard some traditional Chinese singing and asked our guide if we could go check it out.  We went up a path and found a whole group of people singing and dancing.  It was so funny when Ryan was grabbed out of our crowd by two elderly Chinese ladies.  He was such a great sport and finished the whole song.  (John took video) Jenna and I also got to dance with them…..it is something we will remember forever.  Our guide told us as we walked away that the song they sang was something that meant “It Was Fate to Meet You Here.”


And a not so amazing part of our day…………….squatty potties…lol.  Especially not too amazing when you forget your cell phone and it drops right in….uuuhhg.  Yes….twas me.  The Chinese ladies looked at me like I was crazy when I was drying off my phone under the hand drier in the restroom.



Our group (2 other families so far) and guide have all been so great! We enjoyed the Palace and it really began to start sinking in for us that we are in China and will be meeting our children on Sunday!

Next tourist location was the 2008 Beijing Olympics stadium. (Birds Nest)


John, kids and I, AJ & Susannah & Tracy (who traveled all they way by herself – her family is back home)

We are so thankful to have met these wonderful families. All of our children have spent the last few years together at the same orphanage in Shaanxi.  Since we are adopting from the same province, we will be together the whole trip! There will be one more family joining us tomorrow, who are adopting from another province but we will be with them in Beijing and meet up with them again in Guangzhou.

We miss all of our family, and Jenna misses home the most (since she hasn’t felt well.)  Please pray her stomach will settle, before our next flight to Xian to meet her sister! This morning we thought she was so much better, but any movement knocks the wind out of her sails fast.  So, today was really tough on her.  Tomorrow we hope she will feel better, so she can enjoy the Great Wall!

Thank you so much for all your prayers! We are all exhausted tonight. I believe it’s those 13hrs we lost finally hitting us!! So, it’s off to bed we all go!!

There are so many more pictures and memories we can’t wait to share.  Uploading pictures can be very slow, so we will post what we are able, when we are able!  Good morning to you all & Goodnight from Beijing!

~Counting down the moments until we meet you Elyana!



5 thoughts on “We made it! Day 1 in Beijing!

  1. The pics are awesome! I can’t wait to see more! I am praying for Jenna to feel better…I know how she feels and it is miserable! Tell her Aunt Nana loves her! I miss you guys a lot, and I am so excited that you are finally there, and that Ellie will be home soon!!!!!!! Gosh, are you all gonna be exhausted! I’m off to clean out your fridge…I think it will be hard to be in the house without seeing you all! I think its the distance that makes the time draaaaag. Love you all and hope you have a great time! Can’t wait to see pics of Elyana!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for posting! It makes me happy happy happy!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Oh sis I miss you so much!!!! How was your pinning ceremony? I am so proud of you!!
    Its 2:30am here & I a. wide awake. Have slept good so far, but wanted to say hi to you
    I wish you could see this place! Its so crazy to finally be here….still doesn’t seem real somehow! It sure will Sunday!
    Ok, you don’t need to be spoiling me by cleaning while I’m gone! You do enough all the time! Sure love you.
    Give kids a hug from us! 🙂

  3. I ask Lord Jesus that you touch Jenna in a great Mighty way. Father that you will touch her body and heal all that makes her sick! We Ask this in Jesus name Amen. Thank you Lord for their safe trip and for leading and directing them through their journey !

    1. Thank you so much for prayers Aunt Chris………she slept 10hrs and woke up feeling SO much better. She just ate toast &an omlet . Hoping this continues!!! I know its the prayers!! God is so good.
      We love you so much!!
      Dreamed about visiting you last night. Made me miss you & Uncle Mitchell this morning.
      I love you!! Tomorrow we meet Elyana!!!! 🙂

  4. Love the pictures. Can’t wait to see that family of five picture. Praying for you all. Have Jenna try hair ties or rubber bands snug around her wrists. Not too tight that circulation is cut off but really snug. It tricks the brain and helps with motion sickness. Love to you all.

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