On Our Way!!!

Today is the day we have waited for so long!! We have prayed, waited, cried, laughed, & have fallen in love with a little girl a world away!! John told the kids today as we are breakfast “It will be our last morning in this house as a family of 4!” What a wonderful thought!!

We are amazed and overwhelmed with the love & support we have received from you all! We are so thankful for those of you that have been with us along this journey & we are taking all your well wishes & prayers with us as we go! You will be there with us, because you’ve left your fingerprints upon this journey. Each of you who have helped in any way, offered kind encouragements, and who have prayed and longed with us for her to be home….will be with us in heart.

Throughout the journey we will be taking lots of pictures & update our blog, so you can each be a part of this very joyous time for us!
We will be 13hrs. ahead of you all in time, so we leave Detroit today at 12:30pm and get to China Thurs afternoon at 3:30!! We skip our night….so will try & sleep some on the plane. Our flight # for Delta today is 189 .

Thurs evening, upon arrival (Beijing time) we will rest, then Fri. & Sat. we will tour Beijing. We will see the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, & Olympic stadium (Birds Nest) where the opening ceremony was held for the 2008 Olympics.

Sunday (Gotcha Day) we will be flying to Xian to meet Elyana!! (When you wake up Sun, we will have met her already!) We will stay in her province (Shaanxi) for 5 days and do more paperwork & get to do more tourist site seeing. We will see the Terra Cotta Warriors (the kids are so excited for this!)

Friday, Dec 20th we will fly down south (tropical-warm climate) to Guangzhou, where we will stay for the remainder of our trip for appointments & paperwork at the U.S. Consulate. This is where we will be spending Christmas!

December 26th (Happy Birthday sis–DeAnna) We will fly from Guangzhou, back up to Beijing and spend the night. We will fly out the next day to come home!!!! The moment we land in the U.S. Elyana will officially become a United States Citizen!!

What a journey this will be! We thank you for every prayer for safe travels, health, and good adjustment for Elyana.

After we return home, we will be adjusting back to U.S. time & helping Elyana continue to adjust. It will feel wonderful to finally have her home! But, we received the best advice from our friends the Rickle’s who have adopted 4x from China….. “Just soak it all in and enjoy every minute.” This is what we pray to do!!

Thank you all again for the love & encouragement! The next time you see us, via pics, we will be in China!!! 🙂

How can I even sum up the joy we feel that we will see your precious face in 4 short days (3 if you don’t count today & the difference in time change!)
It will be so soon!! We keep praying God prepares your little heart for us, and ours for you.
We sure love you little one. Can’t wait to just see you face to face.
Your Family. 🙂

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