1 Day Until Lift Off!! China & Elyana Here We Come!

photo 1

For those of you might be wondering what might be going on at our house with only one more day until lift off?

What we are feeling tonight? ….like running all over the house with my arms flailing in the air, then jumping up and down all over with JOY! We are watching the live K-love concert and Kari Jobe just started signing O Holy Night…..so I may also break down and start bawling on top of it all! But, to keep my family from thinking I’ve lost it, I will continue to keep my calm cool exterior (for now) and keep “making my lists and checking them twice.” Ok, sorry for the corny coming out in me tonight! lol. So how the others are feeling…..John and Ryan say “we are ready to go!!!!” and Jenna is excited to finally meet her sister she prayed and cried for many nights, but says the long airplane ride makes her feel a little nervous. (she used to get very motion sick, so please pray for a smooth flight!)

What our house looks like tonight? Our laundry room is filled with folded little girl things, ready to pack…..the bills have been paid and sit waiting to be mailed….and the suitcases await being filled and weighed tomorrow!

photo 4


We thank God tonight for Him answering our many prayers in amazing ways we would’ve never imagined possible!!! I whispered so many prayers for years from a place in my heart that carried this deep, burning desire to be His love to orphans. I thank Him for preparing all our hearts. He woke us up to seek Him with all our hearts, and we have the promise if we will continue to seek…..His plans He has will continue to boggle our earthly minds! “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”I Cor 2:9


We thank Him tonight for all the blessings in our lives…..including each one of you who have supported us throughout this journey.

We thank each of you who have showered us with loving, kind hearted remarks and encouraging words.

We thank each individual who put their fingerprints upon this journey by writing reference letters, notarizing all our necessary documents, stamping, and certifying all our necessary documents.

We thank the mission workers who held our sweet baby and loved her with the hands and feet of Jesus. X7-UkWUTgxwvbb18ySQZvjkNWQix-xOXSp50gkUHAQk,fi85RyBJ6PXg1tgyKaM1LRn9Zz7zOWmLvUsWPUS7JM4,2nYkdUBUIe2T7UUVsdq73SIPdIeVkqVs_UUaN_tylI8,7gO5keXFf2Hnh01GoR5PuhxqtIHZeD1ZnpcHRmyrAPk

(The mission team (pictured above) that ministered at Elyana’s orphanage in Baoji City) One is a kind and caring physical therapist who assessed Elyana, one is an wonderful mom named Suzette that found our blog and called me to share about the orphanage……..and one is a sweet girl named….Aja, (who was also adopted) and made the return trip to China to bless the orphans there.

Thank you Aja for being the hands of Jesus to our girl…..for giving her a few moments of joy, playing peek-a-boo and for taking the amazing photos and collages you made for us.


Sweet baby girl…..we will hold you sooooo SOON!!

We thank the nannies who took care of our sweet once since day 5.


We thank the woman who gave birth to our Elyana. (I only wish we had your photo)

We thank God for the many families placed in our lives this year that have opened their homes and hearts to also carry God’s heart burden for orphans. Thank you a million times for the wisdom, prayers and advice from your experiences.

We thank our adoption agency……that gave us the gift of an amazing call this past July 19th….


We thank our precious family and dear friends who have shared our hearts on this journey. You’ve been there EVERY step of the way…..and we will carry you in our hearts all the way to China. We cannot thank you all enough. We love you, and hope this will be Christmas filled with the wonder and amazement only God’s love can bring.

We will try and keep our blog updated as we are able in China, so that you can see those amazing moments at the great wall, and most especially the moment that will forever change us….Gotcha Day…….the day we meet our little Elyana.

This song perfectly describes this journey we have been on……and the determined love God has to find us and hold each one of us.

“you won’t ever be alone again…..I’ve come so far to find you”

“So Far to Find You – Casting Crowns”

One thought on “1 Day Until Lift Off!! China & Elyana Here We Come!

  1. The tears are falling as I read and share this joy with you and your family. I have prayed that God would grant you the desires of your heart since you were a little girl. I always knew you were special, my Cynthia. Your heart has always been pure and seeking. You have always given all of you to Jesus, and you have given all of you to others in His Name. I thanked Him as He blessed you with a wonderful man who has become your best friend in this life’s journey. I thanked Him when you also inherited a wonderful Mom and Pop that have taken such good care of you. I thanked Him for your Ryan Mitchell with his strong soul and gentle wisdom was an amazing gift. And then came Jenna Marie, so sweet, kind and funny, and I thanked Him again. He has created a wonderful mother in you that we all look toward for guidance, wisdom, and advice. You have sought God through it all. Through all the difficulties that God has brought you through, you have remained in a state of growing and glorifying Him. And all along, a yearning burned in your heart for adoption. In 2011 the Spirit spoke prophecy into our hearts. “Prepare the fields for the rain.” What a joyous year that was! We experienced our Jesus in a very real, very new way! We fell in love with Him. We obeyed Him. 2012 was a year of tough growth. We groaned together as we died more to the flesh, and picked up our crosses to follow our King. No fireworks or mountain tops that year, but we grew so much! We knew He was completing in us His perfect work. We pressed forward in faith. This year of 2013 has brought deep sorrow and loss and we have wept at our Saviors feet begging for comfort and understanding. We walked hand in hand with two people we have loved dearly our whole lives as they battled cancer and all that accompanies that fight. We wept and prayed, we begged and pleaded, and we trusted. We said goodbye to our dear Mitchell knowing that our hope in Jesus Christ means our goodbye is only for a while. Won’t that be a day when we hug his neck again?! Only a few short months later, we lost our brother after a long, hard battle with addiction. How agonizing to pray and weep for someone we loved, and then to let him go without the victory that we longed to see, still trusting in His mercy. Hard truths were born this year, and He was there every step of the way. Our blessed Savior, our dearest Friend, our Comforter and King. How special our unification in His Spirit that we share, dear sister. Our friendship has meant so much that it cannot really be explained with words. And now, at the end of this year, our dreams are coming true. On the very same day even. Isn’t our Jesus amazing?!! As I walk onto that stage to receive my pin, there will be mystery behind my smile. I will be smiling not only because of this honor that God has bestowed on me to become a nurse for Him, but because I know that you are somewhere over the Pacific flying to your dream. On that night, we will be joined in our hearts like never before, and I will be thanking Him yet again. We have seen His love and faithfulness so many times, but this is something new. Our dreams that were planted in our hearts so long ago, are coming true on the same day. He sure is amazing!
    Thank you for your prayers and your faithfulness for all these many years, and for your enduring love and friendship. You are a blessing beyond words, and my cherished companion on this journey to the sky.

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