Happy Birthday Baby!! Travel Dates Confirmed!

Happy Birthday Elyana

(Jenna drew this for you today! We are celebrating YOU today!!!)

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

You are now 2 years old, and what a day it’s been here! I think God knew we would need lots of activity and gave us the gift of good news on your special day.  We received confirmation of travel dates and our plane tickets are now officially purchased! This means we fly out of the U.S. on Dec. 11th and will see your sweet face for the first time in China on Dec. 15th!!!  This news, gave us so much joy today.  We will return to the U.S. on December 27th with a brand new American citizen! YOU!!

I wonder what today meant for you….did you smile or laugh? Did you sing songs or get to have the cake we were hoping would be sent to you….we just don’t know.  But we  do know there’s a whole lot of love waiting for you, and when we see you we will celebrate the gift of you.

I can’t help but wonder what this day held 2 short years ago for you, and your birth mom.  I wonder if she felt sorrow and loss today.  If we could stand face to face, I would hug her while shedding tears of thanksgiving.  She made what was most likely the hardest choice of her life….to give you life.  I’m so thankful your life was spared and that God chose our hearts to be knit together long ago.  We wont forget your birth mom, and I pray for her this evening….wherever she is. We love her, because you are a piece of her. I pray somehow she would know you are loved, and that she is loved by our heavenly Father.

And like the familiar adoption quote says….you didn’t grow in my tummy, but you most certainly grew in my heart.  Our hearts have been aching for you for a long time. It’s almost hard to believe we get to see you in a few weeks!


We miss you even more today, but will celebrate this special day when we meet, and have lots of celebrations in the years to come! What a special Christmas present God has given us this year…..One with big brown eyes (that we think already have a ornery look) and a sweet little grin.

We love you Elyana….

Happy Birthday from your family.

This is how I know I will feel when I hold you for the first time.  I don’t know how many times I”ve listened to this song since I saw your face.

“The things that used to matter, they don’t matter to me…..my heart aches, so full it is about to break….you make me believe in love….I could never count all the ways that you change me….baby.”

~JJ Heller, When I’m With You

to china and back

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