Precious Beyond Words….Photos of our Elyana

Today nearly reaches the 4 month mark since we first saw your little face on referral day July 19th, 2013. You were much tinier in those pictures……


Now, today, what a big girl you are becoming…..

Wei Yi Xuan photo 1-11.14.13

(we are amazed you have your own little walker!! And it’s pink! Oh, you are so pretty…my baby girl!)

What a sweet girl.  It’s so, so hard for this mommy to go about daily tasks, while knowing my little one is growing and changing.  How can my insides ache so, and how can I explain it?

Today as I prayed, once again to see your face, just one more time.  God gently told me if I would focus on loving others, it would help the ache for you.  So I began thinking of ways to love those I’ve been so preciously given…..then guess what popped into my inbox minutes later?

look how precious beyond words….

Wei Yi Xuan photo 2-11.14.13

Updated pictures…..of You!! You are almost 2 yrs. old, and how precious you are.  Your eyes tell a story all their own, and when I see your hands I want to put sweet kisses inside for you to hold onto!

Wei Yi Xuan photo 3-11.14.13

Please know I am trying to be brave for you.   I am praying God helps me every day, be a better mommy than the day before.  We are still packing, talking to the sweet Hall family who just got back from China (they have been giving us soooo much help/and good advice–thank you!!), and we wait (not so patiently) for the phone to ring and a Virginia call to pop up on the screen with news we will be traveling to get you!!

I feel like I’ve loved you forever…..

Wei Yi Xuan photo 4-11.14.13

The phone call could come any day now.  But somehow, I believe God knew, these sweet pictures would help us to hang on a few more weeks.

6 thoughts on “Precious Beyond Words….Photos of our Elyana

    1. Thank you so much Nicole for all your prayers!!! The love & support we’ve received makes us soooo grateful! I hope you & your family are all well!

  1. She is so beautiful, and I know this has to be the hardest part of the journey! The waiting is hard!! I pray that God works a miracle and pushes this through so that Elyana can be in your arms. I trust Him with His perfect plan. I look forward to seeing her looking beautiful in her new outfits with her hair pretty’s! I am so proud of you sister, for resting in Him, trusting Him, and waiting (not so patiently even). She will be here soon 🙂 I love you all!!

  2. wow… she is breath taking!!!
    The waiting… whew… what a long hard journey for you all. But it is in the hard stuff that he changes us and teaches the valuable lessons we will need for the road ahead. His plan for her is unfolding and it is good because God is good! He has you all in His hand. Elyana, we can hardly wait to meet you!! So many people are thinking of you and praying for you and God is watching over you sweet girl!! Your Mommy and Daddy and brother and sister are there with you in their hearts and God willing will be there with you to hold you soon!!!! You are so very loved!!

    I miss you and I love you guys! May Gods grace and blessings be with you and may you get that phone call soon!!!

    1. What a beautiful message Sarah! You are so right….it is truly in the times we feel pressed the most, that we are being shaped and molded.
      Thank you for this message of hope. I know God hears all our prayers & is in complete control of all our lives!
      We miss you & your family so much. Will call you soon! Been wanting to talk with you & catch up. I love you!

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