Psalm 68v6

Today marks 3 months, 90 days, and many, many moments in between that we’ve thought, prayed, and grown more in love with one sweet girl playing, sleeping, eating, and napping a world away from us.  We were really, (REALLY!) hoping that by early November we would be on a plane headed over to scoop her up in our arms….BUT….life happens.   And we trust God even in delays.

To sum it up……

All this time we’ve been waiting on our paperwork to go through and to get our TA (the official invitation from the Chinese government to come to China for the purpose of adopting your child). We were thinking the call should/would come in the next few weeks….but, found out, due to a change at the Consulate, effective October 7th, all families who submitted paperwork for the DS230 (immigrant visa and alien registration application) would  need to complete the DS260 instead.  So, I completed the DS260 for the consulate made one small mistake and had to resubmit it :/ (Due to Chinese Holiday and Columbus Day it wasn’t able to be corrected and resubmitted until Oct. 15th)

10-15-13–  I re-submitted the DS260.  Then, waited to hear some sort of news on our next required document that would be issued—-our Article 5 (the consular officer will send the convention country’s Central Authority notification or Article 5 letter that states you are suitable adoptive parents and the child is able to enter and live in the United States.)


10-18-13 – Yesterday, we heard from our travel coordinator that…..Since we had to switch over to the DS260, our Article 5 won’t be ready until October 31st. This means we will likely receive our TA mid-November (2-4 weeks from October 31st).  Then from our TA  to travel is typically 2 weeks.  After giving us the bad news, we were told  ”the good news is that we have been seeing TAs come really fast these days, so hopefully yours will as well!”


I don’t know why this came as such a big blow yesterday.  The kids, my sister and I had all shopped for Elyana and found the cutest, most snuggly things and talked about how it wouldn’t be long……..and though I know it still won’t be long….somehow the news of 4-6 more weeks took the wind out of John and my sails.  But, after having a little pep rally (thank you John & kids), we decided….. we weren’t going to sit around all night eating brownies 🙂 -that was my idea…..but instead…..

…..we, in no way,  were going to get discouraged after all God has done!!!!  He has a reason for the delay, and will work it all somehow for good!!

It’s just really hard to explain the feeling you have as a mom and dad….knowing your child is a world away and you can’t see a picture or hear her voice, know if she’s sick, in need of a diaper change, hungry, lonely or hurting.   It’s in these moments where, yet again, God tells us to trust HIM.  That He’s been her Father since she was created in the womb and we are only the chosen stewards of His precious girl.  We are honored, humbled and amazed that God would choose us to be her earthly parents and the physical evidence of His love that’s been there with her all along.  He will “never leave us or forsake us”

We continue to hold fast to God’s promises, trust Him for His perfect timing, and wait to hear any news about our Article 5, then TA!!!  We will let you know as soon as we find out any updates!

****We also continue to pray for those families still waiting for a referral.  This waiting stuff is so hard, but we’ve found, it’s in the waiting that we do the most trusting and if our hearts stay soft and moldable —the most changing.

4 thoughts on “Speedbumps….

  1. I am so thankful for God’s peace and guidance through each step of the way on our journeys! Is this the paper that you were working on when I popped by that one day? On the computer? The delay stinks! But, God is good, and we trust Him. I remember when I was pregnant, it helped knowing approximately how long it would be before I would get to meet my baby! I am trying to imagine going to a weekly checkup at 38 weeks….thinking I only have 2 weeks to go…..and being told it would be another 4-6 weeks! O the devastation! I’m sure it is the same way for you all. I know God will give you strength over the next several weeks to finish your preparations….and to resist the brownies!!! I love you guys! Praying for the quickest TA in the history of Chinese adoptions!!!!!!!

    1. God is faithful… God is faithful… God is faithful! The most comforting words I can think of to give you as you wait for your beautiful Elyana. As I am reading the updates I am wondering too why God would have you wait, but know that He is the master of time and all He has created and He is good and perfect and loving and your family is important to Him! Your outlook is so encouraging and we continue to pray for you all that Elyana is in your arms soon!!! I love you guys!! xoxoxoxoxo

      1. Thank you so much Sarah! I will keep rolling those words around in my heart and mind! He truly IS faithful and has NEVER failed us…and NEVER will. I am praying God’s blessings over all our families as we trust in His faithfulness. We love you Sarah!! Thank you for all your prayers and love.

    2. Hey sis….yes this was the paper I was working on that day. 😉 Thank you for your prayers for a quick TA!! I just told someone this week that if we get it quickly, it’s because of your request. 🙂 So thankful for you. Got a response from our international adoption pediatrician that said she looks pail and underweight (which is common) but still hard nonetheless. I will trust our Father though…..He is FULLY capable of watching over her. I love you.

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