New Pictures & Good News!!


Dear Elyana,

This week we got new pictures of you and more good news!!! We say “keep it coming”!!

God’s hands have truly been upon all this from the very beginning.  He’s led us through every twist and turn, up and down each hill and valley on our way to you.  He such an amazing, loving God who’s mercy is seen woven through all of time.  His great love is seen so evidentially now in each small answered prayer, that is so very BIG to us!

We’ve been praying that our family would go to China at just the right moment.  Deep inside we’ve had this strong desire of holding you before you get much older.  Something about getting to you before you turned 2  has meant something to your Daddy and I. We want to know you- all about you.  And want you to know us…..and most importantly know this great love God has put in our hearts!

We still don’t know the exact time of travel but got this wonderful message from our travel coordinator this week:

“I hope you’re able to travel before your little girl’s 2nd birthday, from the timelines we have been seeing it looks like that is definitely a possibility!”

So, little one, we  are trusting in God’s perfect timing, understanding that He has already ordained the exact moment we will meet!  I will begin getting paperwork ready for our tip, and get a list started of things to pack.

We are one step closer to you sweet one…..

Love, Your Mommy!

This week we were sent these wonderful pictures of Elyana!!! We were sooooo excited to see her feet braced so she can stand, and hopefully walk! This was such a precious sight!

~Our sweet Elyana ~

Wei Yi Xuan Sept2013 Photo 1 Wei Yi Xuan Sept2013 Photo 2

I just think she has to be wondering what all the fuss is about & why all the pictures?  Her curious looks always make me smile.  She almost seems to be amused at what they are doing to get her to pose, but I’m sure she must like snacks!!  She was also holding snacks and trying to eat when they videoed her for us back In July.

What a sweet and precious girl.  If you are wondering why the short hair….they often cut the children’s hair short to prevent spread of lice.  It wont be long before we are there and dressing her as royalty.  We are just so thankful that she looks to have been well cared for.   We often pray for not only her, but ALL the other little ones waiting there to have a family.  We pray somehow we will be able to bless the other little ones in her orphanage too.

Wei Yi Xuan Sept2013 Photo 3 Wei Yi Xuan Sept2013 Photo 4

This past week we sent off our 1st care package!  We used a site called  to get a care package to her quickly.  There is a woman in China who works with adoptive families to translate a letter to their little one and she will go shopping for you.   The pictures we emailed her, were labeled, and put in a baby photo album so the care-takers can point to us and tell her who we are! So she will get used to our funny faces! 🙂   It’s such a miracle to know half a world away our little girl is seeing our faces for the first time, and though she will not understand…..she is being told she has a family.

We also had her send a disposable camera so the nannies can take pictures of her for us, then when we get to China we’ll get the camera full of pictures to take and develop!

These are the pictures of our care package (that we were told arrived at her orphanage Wed or Thurs)  We may also send another package, unless we find we are traveling soon, then we will just take things with us.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

We should also get her updated measurements soon for buying her clothing!  We had to estimate her size now by going off the last measurements we were sent in July to send this package.  It will be nice to have her new measurements so we can go shopping for new little things for her!!!

She will get to bring her things with her when she leaves her orphanage in China.  Included in the package was our letter translated into Chinese, so that the Nannies could read it to her.  She may not understand all these new things….but someday, it’s our prayer she will know how very much she was loved…….long before we even met.

Our translated letter:

Dearest Wei Yi Xuan,    (we had to use her Chinese name so they would know who it is for)

We are counting down the days until we get to meet you! You are so precious and
beautiful! We can see your care-takers are taking such good care of you.

We are very thankful for them.  When we got your pictures and video for
the first time we were very excited.  Your Mommy cried happy tears! Your
Daddy and Mommy already love you SO much! Your brother Ryan and sister Jenna
love you and can’t wait to meet you! Your brother and sister will also be
coming with us to China to meet you!

All our families and friends are so excited for us to get on an airplane and fly all
the way to China. Your grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles, and cousins are
very happy we will get to meet your before long.  It will be such a joyful
holiday season with you in our family!

We can’t wait to see what your wonderful country looks like and we are excited
to meet all the kind people who have taken care of you.  It will be so
exciting. We hope it won’t be long before we can give you a big hug and kiss!
We love you sweet girl.

Love, Mommy, Daddy, Ryan (brother) and Jenna (sister)

5 thoughts on “New Pictures & Good News!!

    1. Thank you Yvonne! Love you!
      Tell everyone we say hello! Had our first day of CC yesterday & kids loved it!
      Talk to you soon. 🙂

  1. Hi friend! My name is June. I just found your blog. I think we both have girls in the same orphanage and we were matched at the same time! Email me and let’s talk! We might be traveling together!

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