We are approved!! PA & RA all in one week!!!

We are getting SO close to holding you baby! What a wild journey it’s been! Hard to believe it’s been less than a year and we are now waiting for our TA (travel approval). We had a great and exciting week when we were told our approvals (PA -pre-approval, & RA -referral agreement) both went through!!!!! This means a countdown of an estimated 10wks has begun before we should get our travel arrangements (TA). After we get our TA we should travel in a few short weeks! (our adoption agency estimates our travel time for late Nov./early Dec.)

On Wed our official RA document (referral approval) from China arrived! We had to sign it, overnight it back to VA, so they could send it back to China. This important step means China is recognizing us as your family!!! It was an exciting and wonderful step closer to you!!!


We can now share your precious pictures with the world (which I promise I WILL do today), get new updates and pictures from your orphanage, and send you a care package (which I am finishing up this morning). Ryan asked you have a Teddy Bear (he says so you have something American), and Jenna wants to send a toy with a smiley face (because the orphanage told us you love toys with smiles). Your Daddy says he wants you to have your family, and to be home before your 2nd birthday on Nov. 26th.

I have been busy getting ready for you by mailing out time-sensitive documents, filing more paperwork to stay organized, reading/learning about travel, even filling out some post-adoption paperwork! We are getting SO very close and I just break down in tears at the strangest moments thinking about it!! We are ready to get on that plane and get to you baby girl!

We will hold you, love you, kiss you, feed you…….be all you’ve been lacking and never had. A family. We pray blessings over your orphanage, all your little friends, and every care-taker that has picked you up, fed you, tucked you in for bed….for us. We hope we can bless them and give back for all the care you’ve been given. God has answered our every prayer for you…..

And until we see your sweet face in person…..we will count every day…..so, hold on…we will be there soon!!!



one step closer

6 thoughts on “We are approved!! PA & RA all in one week!!!

  1. I am so overcome with Joy !!! I can not even begin to express that. A joy she will be to this family. I can not wait to able to hold and kiss her face!!! I am praying always for each one of you!! I will be praying that your journey to bring her home is safe and without any mishaps.!!

    1. I enjoyed talking to you so much today. I always picture her meeting her Aunt Chris & just smile…..I know she will love you and adore you just like all our other kids do….I just know you will be a precious part of her little life…..
      Thank you for being you….for always being there….
      I love you just doesn’t even seem to say enough for HOW MUCH I feel for you!!! God is going to do some great and mighty things…..
      Thank you for your constant/steady prayers….and love.

  2. OMGoodness! I am in tears reading this beautiful letter to your “baby girl” Cindy. We are extremely excited for your family and look forward in someday meeting your little princess. I can’t think of a better more deserving family to provide for her. You will all continue to be in our prayers as you prepare for your journey to bring your daughter home. Her orphange and caregivers will also be in our prayers. We love you guys! ♡♥♡♥♡

    1. Thank you Aunt Taralea for all your beautiful words and prayers! We are so grateful for all the love and support we’ve found along the way. It hardly seems possible that we are almost to the end of our journey….yet it’s just beginning at the same time!!
      It will be wonderful to introduce her to all of you in FL one day!
      Prayers for her orphanage and caretakers would be wonderful also! We hope one day to go back and help serve/bless in some way! Jenna sure has a heart for all the little ones there!
      We love you & hope you and all your family are well! It’s been wonderful also to watch your children’s hearts for the Lord! What a blessing their young lives are already!

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