Update On The Wait

the wait

Steps we’ve already officially taken since our referral call:

1. We sent in our EA (Electronic Acceptance) also called “Letter of Intent.” Saying we want this sweet one to be a part of our family & want to keep taking the necessary steps to get to our daughter! *So we are here on waiting timeline*

(Wait from EA to PA – 2-6weeks)

Our next steps are:

2. Wait for our PA (Pre-Approval) This is an electronic approval given by CCCWA (China Center for Children Welfare & Adoption) saying that our application can be moved forward in the process.

While waiting we will finish 2 additional hr. of training required by our adoption agency —on China and the province our daughter is from (we are excited about this!)

We will also be finishing more paperwork that is needed (that I MUST have done before we get our RA) I will be filling out forms I800, DS230, & I-864W to have ready to send to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and all official documents needed to make our daughter a U.S. citizen upon arrival in the states.

(Wait from PA to RA 1-2 months)

3. Once we have our RA (Referral Acceptance) also known as LOA (Letter of Acceptance) we will be jumping, skipping, flipping out with excitement!!! This is a mailed approval given after the CCCWA has reviewed and approved our family’s dossier and EA documents. At this point we are allowed to send a care package to our daughter—with a photo album of her family, a soft blanket, toys ect. and are given permission to begin sharing (more freely) pictures of her whenever we decide.
From RA we wait for TA (our travel approval)
(Wait from RA to TA aprox. 2.5 months)

4. Travel will depend on the next available travel group. America World sends 1-2 groups to China each month.

(Wait from TA to Travel 2-4weeks)

I can imagine the wait from TA to travel will be the hardest, yet most exciting wait time for us.

We will keep you all informed as to what approvals we’ve received and try and estimate answers for the “how long” questions we get. 🙂 We thank each of you again for your love, support, and excitement for our family!

“For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.” Rom 8:15

2 thoughts on “Update On The Wait

  1. Amen and well said!!!! She will be our own flesh and blood always( just as the Lord said of marriage) We love her so much already!!! So can not wait and can not wait until we meet our new little one!!! praise God for all that He has done in all of your lives!!! I know that this is a joy falling on the heals of Uncle Mitchell meeting our Lord and Savior. I can just picture the smile on hi face. I love you all and I am praying always!!!

    1. Our hearts seem to so often be on the same page & joined by the Holy Spirit. I knew our daughter was given as a gift of joy after the sorrow we all felt. I praise Him for His goodness & mercy and the great love He bestows upon us.
      Aunt Chris your always there….your encouragement touches my heart & lifts my spirit. I am so grateful God has blessed us with you. We need you more than you know…you are a blessing. Thank you allowing God to work through you, even in your heartache. We love you.

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