One of the Best and Most Beautiful Days….

Today will officially be added as one of the best and most beautiful days of our lives…….

Yes, we got that blessed phone call, and finally saw the sweet face of our little girl waiting for us in China!!!!!! My heart is still catching up with reality at this very moment…..but it’s real…..and she is ours.

The phone call came today at 2:32pm. Our little one is 1 1/2 years old. We had to ask the Chinese ladies at Hunan Garden to pronounce her name for us this evening 🙂 We’ve been told so much about her…more than I ever realized we could know. We’ve been told where she was abandoned in China, what officer found her, what orphanage she is in, the foods she eats, that her favorite food is biscuits, her eating/sleeping schedule, that she enjoys playing with toys, gets to go out to play in the sunshine, is attached to her caregivers, she likes children’s songs and enjoys being read too.

We would love to share a picture with you tonight, but we can’t share it via the internet, until it’s official on paper. I wish so badly you could see her big brown eyes….her hands…and little feet. She is beyond precious….she is lovely….she is beautiful….and she is ours.
She has been ours for a long time though—for she was born in our hearts long ago, and prayed for even longer….but today we were granted the privilege of seeing the face of that promise God gave us last October.

Oh what a wild journey this has been!! There were so many days we kept trudging through paperwork, and prayed so often we would get to her quickly. We are grateful beyond words that God has chosen us to be this sweet little one’s family. We can’t wait to meet her, and for you all to see her sweet smile.

Our next steps will be to visit the Columbus International Adoption clinic this coming Tues. to have her file explained to us by a doctor. After we see the doctor we can submit paperwork & wait for our travel details!! We’ve heard we could possibly wait 6 months to go to China, but it sure would be nice to get her home in time celebrate her 2nd birthday in November! (yes she’s a turkey baby like her Mommy!)

What a blessing words can’t describe! Our hearts are full and melting all at the same time with this great love. This home of ours is overflowing with joy today and for the first time we will lay our heads down on our pillows tonight with the face of our sweet girl to put along with our prayers.
Thank you for each of your prayers, and for all who have been with us on this journey.

And to our little one……
Oh how we all love you sweet baby. You have already brought us so much joy and love….and we only pray we can bring you the same. I wait for the day I can kiss your face, and hold your little hands in mine. Daddy was so excited today he rushed home so we could look at your picture for the first time together…..and your brother and sister were jumping around in excitement. We all smiled for hours….because of you. As this beautiful day comes to a close for us and you get ready to wake up….we breathe a big prayer of thanks…and hope yet again you can feel this great love reach your little heart as our heavenly Father watches over you…..
……until we see you face to face little one.

5 thoughts on “One of the Best and Most Beautiful Days….

  1. I am enjoying this blessing with you and the family. In your words I could see this beautiful child and I will continue to pray that God will continue to bring all of this to pass in His perfect time.
    I send Love and Prayers,

    1. Thank you Aunt Velma for always encouraging me. I feel so blessed by the amazing, spirit filled women God has blessed me with. You are a blessing & we love you.

  2. My heart is overwhelmed with joy! I know she looks just like you 😉 I can’t wait to hold her close and love on her! I am so thankful to our wonderful Father for making your dreams come true. How close it is getting when you will hold her in your arms. You will be a new mother again! And she will love you so! I am so happy for all of you!

  3. I am rejoicing with you all!!! Praise God for His Wondrous works!!! I can not wait to meet her. I will be lifting all of you up in prayer. I love you all!!

    1. Thank you so much for your constant prayer & love for us all. I can’t wait for our little one to meet her wonderful Aunt Chris. She will love & adore you, like all these other munchkins. We are so blessed to have you.

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