LID, yipeee!

Sparks 042713 32[1]

Last summer as we camped at Indian Lake across from a family colored by the gift of adoption, my heart was pressed and stirred again by hopes of adoption for my own family. And in those moments God reminded me of the promise “For I know the thoughts (plans) that I think (have) toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” Jeremiah 29:11 It meant allot to me in that moment, and again today. God’s timing is always perfect and precise…so I shouldn’t have been surprised that as I opened my Bible to continue reading in Jeremiah the next chapter I was to read was 29. God reminded me almost a year ago, and again this morning…that He has very specific thoughts/plans for our family….not to try and match any other family…but let Him create a masterpiece….in His timing.

We’ve been DTC (dossier to China) for 4wks and hadn’t heard yet that we had our LID (log in date) -which is very important for the referral/matching process. I knew a big batch of referrals was coming tonight May 6th, and we hadn’t heard yet of our LID….so as I tried to wait patiently…..I emailed our family coordinator. As I sat to email her I heard God speak to my heart “just trust Me.” So, when I got her out of office response moments after I sent my question, I told God “I really do trust you.” This adoption is SO big for our family, but so little in the big picture of the Kingdom of Heaven…and certainly a God who has NEVER left me or forsaken me, can be trusted with the perfect moment of our daughters referral call, and blessed moment her picture will finally hit our inbox.

I know that most referrals don’t happen the first month a family is LID, but something felt really amazing tonight about seeing that email pop up on my phone, after praying and having it on my heart all day.


We now have our LID!

Like I’ve mentioned before our family has been told to expect a 6-12month wait for a referral…although our little man says he thinks we will be headed to China soon (summer he guessed)…lol… I told him tonight, it would take a miracle for that to happen! I don’t know though, Sarah laughed and look what happened to her! I love to see hope & excitement in my children. It fills my heart with joy & it brings us all closer to each other as our hearts join in hopeful waiting.

We all have high hopes, because our hopes are set upon our faithful Father….who can see our daughter at this moment. He knows she belongs to Him, and that He will entrust us to hold her, and love her through this life.
What a gift, what a privilege.

So tonight we rejoice in one simple email….We are now LID! We don’t know what the future holds…but are thankful He does. We rest in that….We slow down to breath it all in, and with thankful, hopeful hearts continue to “wait upon the Lord.”

2 thoughts on “LID, yipeee!

  1. Yay!! So excited for this last step! Can’t wait to get the call from you about your referral! Still praying God holds our sweet little girl close and fills her with His peace until she comes home. God is so awesome! Love you sis 🙂

  2. It is so clear that God’s hand is in this adoption. Your right… as you wait, God sees her and is preparing her heart and all of yours for that blessed day when you can start your journey as the Sparks 5! Until then, we will continue the prayers for all involved. God is faithful. I love you!

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