DTC! Dossier To China!

We got the official word Friday we are now DTC!! Dossier to China! (Our dossier is the stack of documents with every detail and aspect of our lives that we compiled from November 2012 through March 2013). Included in our dossier are the reference letters written for us (Thank you!) We were told our dossier left Friday for China, and today when I checked on the status of our precious package via FedEx tracking I saw this….


Woohoo! Now that China has received our dossier, they will issue a LID (Log in Date). It takes the CCCWA (China Center for Child Welfare and Adoption) a few weeks to confirm the actual date with the adoption agencies. Once America World gets our LID from China in 2-6 weeks they will email us.
Our LID is important because families are matched according to:
*What is requested on their WC application
*By family’s LID
*How long they have been involved in the WCP (waiting child program)
America World takes these three things into consideration when the staff are matching families.

Once we have our LID in a few weeks, then we will wait for that blessed phone call and first email showing us the little one our family has been matched with! Our agency has given us an estimated wait time of 6mo.-1yr for a referral.

America World receives referrals through a shared system once a month and through six partner orphanages.  They can be sent as few as 2-3 referrals a month or as many as 50!  Last August 50 files for orphans were sent all at one time to America world! That must’ve been a crazy/exciting month at AW! .

China provinces

Above I have marked the 6 partner orphanages to America World (where our daughter will most likely come from) The orphanages are marked with yellow dots with the name of the city is first, then the province.

So we wait.
But, thankfully wait. We couldn’t be more grateful that God has brought our family so far!

We will keep everyone updated as to when we get our LID and most certainly when we receive a referral! I am so thankful for every bit of paperwork we trudged through, because it makes this day all the sweeter having worked so hard to get to it! We are also grateful for every person who took part in helping us along the paperwork trail! Thank you to all who have been excitedly waiting along with us. We are so blessed to have supportive, loving family and friends!

This is such a happy time for us, and of course an emotional one! I remember the first time our social worker met us last fall she prayed for us and also prayed for our daughter. She said “Most likely your has already been born and is in China now waiting for you, so let’s pray for her too.” This knowing that your baby is somewhere and you can’t hold her and love her yet is a very real and raw feeling to have with you at all times. But, learning to trust something so great to the hands of our loving Father has been an amazing way to grow closer to His heart.

The months have seemed to drag & fly by all at the same time, but I know somehow we’ve all grown….and growth will be one of the most important things gained from and necessary to continue this journey.

We realize when we finally arrive in China and hold her for the first time…we won’t arrive perfect by any means for our daughter, but stand in awe that somehow even in our imperfections God will use us all to be His love to her. And, until we are finally matched with her, then travel thousands of miles to hold her….. we find comfort knowing He is the “Father to the fatherless” and if “not one sparrow falls to the ground” without our Father taking notice, then we know he cares for every orphan who waits to be loved by a family.

He holds our daughter even know…even before we know she is ours…she has been His all along. He holds every orphan who looks too difficult to care for, to complicated physically to accept….He loves them still. I’m so glad we’ve been given this amazing love of our heavenly Father. I cannot imagine living one day without Him!

I heard this song last summer as the breeze blew through our house, the kids sold lemonade, and I put a very special verse on our wall that would be come so real and important to us this year. “For we walk by faith, not by sight” 2 Cor 5:7 I remember praying and crying as I listened to it…and I couldn’t remember the name of the song until recently it popped up on my Pandora radio station again! How awesome it was to listen to it again and think back to the days before our family decided to adopt and see the hands of God guiding, preparing and directing our footsteps closer and closer to His perfect plan. He has been so good & faithful.

Thanks for taking the time to be here on our blog and share in this very special time! Have a great evening!

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