Valentine’s Day Update

One Less – by Matthew West

“see that ye love one another with a pure heart fervently:” I Peter 1:22b

Happy Valentines Day!
A lot of exciting things have happened in the last few weeks for our family & tonight is the first chance I’ve had to sit & write. We have some new updates to share with you:

Our family is now officially done with our Home Study and recieved news on Feb. 1st that our Home study was approved!

Now, we wait on only one more document (our I-797 form from USCIS -our daughters Imigration paperwork-that says we can bring her into the U.S. from China) This USCIS process can take 1.5 to 2.5 months.

Then, once we get FBI fingerprinted and recieve our I-797 approval and have it certified & sent to America World they can mail our dossier to China! We will be DTC (Dossier to China)! This is a huge step for us & feel so grateful for each step God has brought us through.

The REALLY big news though is that since our Home Study was approved, our WCA (waiting child application) was processed so we are offically part of the Waiting Child Program in China! We had a 1 hr conference call last Friday with our family coordinator Aimee to discuss the referrall and matching process and now have a much better idea of how things will work, and of the waiting time.

So what this means for us?
We could get a call at any time now with a referrall, but have been told to prepare for a 6mo.-1 year wait before we see a picture of our sweet girl. In a few months, once our dossier (stack of official paperwork) is in China we will be open to all referrals – right now we are only open to some special focus referals. Typically there are between 30-50 families ahead of us, and much depends on what special needs families are requesting and how many referrals are sent from orphanges per month.

America World receives 5-15% of referrals off of a shared list, but most referrals (approximately 85-95%) come from America World working with partnership orphanage referrals. These can come 50 at a time, or 2 or 3 at a time. These 6 partnership orphanages are from different provinces in China. AW works closely with these orphanages; leading mission trips and fundraising to support them. Many families who have adopted from these orphanages end up going back for mission trips, or doing fundraisers to send toys, bottles/cleft lip bottles, clothing and other necessities. It would be amazing to someday give back to the place our daughter was cared from. Aimee said America Worlds experiences with these orphanages have been extremely positive.

Our family is beyond excited! We realize we need to prepare ourselves for the wait, but know we have plenty to do while we wait & prepare for her. We are believing in Gods perfect timing & protection over our little one, until we can hold her.
We hope you’ve had a beautiful day full of His love!
“We love because He first loved us”

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Update

  1. It is so exciting! It seems like this has gone by so fast. Of course, I haven’t been running around like crazy doing paperwork etc. 😉 But, I just cannot wait until we get to see her face and love on her! Thanks for the update Cynthia, and I am praying! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Even though it took allot of work & running around like crazy, I do believe God has made things to go quickly & smoothly. We are so grateful for His guiding hand & feel so blessed to be on this beautiful path & to have you along with us. We are so thankful for every prayer, for we know the prayers of the righteous are powerful & effectual. I have seen with my eyes the mountains move through prayer alone. Our God is great & his love is beyond comprehension!
      I love you sis, thank you for being here to share this joy. We love you & thank God for your love.

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