A Quick Update Before Christmas…

Today was a great day! We finished the last bit of paperwork by getting our Adoption Physical’s completed. We had everything checked from blood work to hearing and eye exams – and the results are – we are thankfully healthy and ready to continue on our journey! This was the last big thing on our Home Study checklist! I have joked that I’m going to frame that completed list! It’s incredibly exciting to check off one more thing and feel you are that much closer to holding your child.
What an amazing feeling, and how amazing God is to bring us this far already. The only thing left to do for our Social worker/Home study is to meet with her three more times, have her do a home safety inspection, finish our autobiographies, and complete more training & reading. We joke that we are more prepared for this little one, than we were for our first two! lol

I just have to share what a neat morning it was for us today…..I am in awe of the way God keeps showing us that yes…this is truly HIS will. I have met so many people thus far who have helped us along the way. I believe each and every one has put their fingerprints of love upon our child and is helping to bring her home. I am asking that each person is blessed enormously for the giving, willing hearts they’ve had —our doctor, Dr. David Ware, is most definitely included. I was so blessed today by him and his staff! After our physicals were done, I stayed behind to wait on things to be signed & notarized. (We are so thankful for Kelly who was there today to makes things legal and official. She took time out of her day off, to come as our official notary! Thank you!!) We have talked many times to our doctor about our faith and it’s no secret he shares the same love and devotion for Christ in all he does. At the end of all the necessary documentation….he took the time to call his nurse in, and together with Kelly who was still there also, He prayed. In the midst of that little examination room I felt God come down and say again….that this was His plan. Dr. Ware prayed for our baby waiting in China, strength for Ryan and Jenna as they become big brother and big sister, for John and I, and for all who are along with us on this journey to be blessed. It was yet another unexpected blessing that touched our hearts deeply. He is truly a man of God who lives out his faith by actions, and has done his part in helping to bring our baby home.
It’s beautiful how God orchestrates things in our lives, when we allow Him full control -trusting Him -no matter the outcome. I’ve told God many times…that if this wasn’t His will he would make is so clear & we would let go if it wasn’t, but He continues to show us time, and time again, that His hands are making this happen. For that I praise Him, and trust Him as our Father and the Father of our little sweet girl waiting in China.

Merry Christmas to you all, and Merry Christmas baby! Next year we pray you are here in our arms.

2 thoughts on “A Quick Update Before Christmas…

  1. I don’t think I realized until this very moment the monumental awesomeness of the fulfillment of this dream! As I watched the video, tears just rolled down my cheeks as I picture little Jenna and Ryan holding their little sister, and the feeling that will surround your family as it is made more complete than ever! How amazing this gift that God has given you! What a special way to be Jesus to this hurting world. I love the Scripture on the right side of the page where Christ says, ” I will come to You.” I am so inspired by your family’s growth and your willingness to obey our Master’s call. May God truly bless you and continue to fill your hearts with His Holy Spirit and that your joy may be full. I am praying for you all!!! Can’t wait to share in this blessing!

  2. Thank you my dear and precious sister for walking this journey right along with us. I truly believe none of this would be happening if God hadn’t awoken our hearts in 2011. It is with His love that He awoke us, and continues to stir us to obey his calls. It’s like Jackie P. says “we are all called”….and as we each respond to His calls….and are willing to give up more of this life for more of heaven….then the more joy we will truly have.
    It’s a beautiful thing to have our hearts joined by this same love. I thank you for being His love to me…and to my family. You are a most treasured gift to me sis. I love you.

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