Post #1

Welcome to post #1 of our adoption blog!
We decided a blog would be the best way to keep everyone informed as to where we are at on the adoption journey. It’s also a great way for me to slow down and take it all in.
I am still amazed that I’m even sitting here writing about adopting! Some days I have to pinch myself to make sure it’s real. I always knew God placed this desire in my heart, but could never have imagined how beautifully He would orchestrate it all for our family. For the past few years I can see His hand so sweetly upon us, changing us, molding us, into what He knew we would need to be for this very special privilege of adoption.

We feel blessed and honored to carry God’s love for a little orphan in China that doesn’t even know our faces yet. We feel connected to her already and know God’s Holy Spirit reaches around the world and connects our hearts at this very moment. We are praying and trusting that God will send a kind, and loving person to care for her until we arrive. Until then, we will work diligently on paperwork – compiling our dossier (stack of paperwork that goes to China) and on our Home Study (social worker and state-side forms).

It usually takes approximately 3-6 months to do all paperwork but we are hoping it’s on the lower end. After our paperwork is gathered and it’s county, state, and Chinese consulate certified our dossier will be sent to China. Once our dossier is processed in China we will wait to get a referral in the China Waiting Program. (this time varies- could be immediate- or we could wait many months)

Our referral will be the first picture and description we get of our little one. From the referral acceptance it can be another 8 months or more before we are in China. These are all approximate times – as with any adoption we must prepare ourselves for delays. We are still learning allot and fully trusting in God’s timing for each step along the path.
I will try and keep our site updated regularly, so if you would like to sign up to have the blog emailed to you, just follow the link!
Thank you, to each of you who have been there excitedly encouraging us. We appreciate every one of you who are playing a part in bringing our little one home. We treasure your kind words and prayers.

“Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” James 1:27

4 thoughts on “Post #1

  1. Yay! I get to be the very first commenter ever!! I am so excited for you my dear sister, and I pray that God blesses this journey. We can’t wait to meet our beautiful addition. I am so thankful for the awesome God we serve! Love you much!

    1. Thank you for ALWAYS being there to listen and encourage me. You’ve known how long & closely I’ve carried this desire in my heart…so it’s an blessing to walk out this journey with someone who knows my heart they way you do, and who rejoices with me! I cannot imagine walking this life without you….”I thank my God always upon every remembrance of you.”

    1. Thank you my sweet Mom for being so supportive. I was given a precious gift when God placed me in your family…so it’s kindof like you adopted me. You took me in, and have loved me as your own. I am so blessed and honored to be your daughter.Thank you for letting Jesus love me, through you. I love you so very much!!

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